Easy Home Improvement Ideas for the Bathroom

Easy Home Improvement Ideas for the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in the house, when was the last time you showed it some love? There are some easy and inexpensive small home improvement projects that anyone can do, to improve the look and the functionality of their bathroom.

The best part about these easy home improvement ideas for the bathroom is that they can be done over time. If money or time is an issue, just take on one of these small and easy projects at a time. Soon the bathroom will have undergone a subtle transformation.

Update The Shower Head

Is your shower head not quite what it should be, or could be? One of the more satisfying home improvement projects for the bathroom is to replace the shower head. The shower head itself can be replaced, without replacing the hardware that comes out of the wall, or the faucet below.

Replace The Toilet Seat

The poor toilet seat! It only gets replaced or even thought about when it is loose, or if it breaks in some way.

Do everyone in the family a favor and replace the toilet seat. One home improvement idea for the bathroom is to trade up for a cushioned seat. Not only is a cushioned toilet seat more comfortable, it is also warmer than a traditional toilet seat.

Another home home improvement idea for the bathroom is to install a decorative, colored, or shaped toilet seat. Any of these new toilet seats takes only minutes to install.

If you really want to upgrade, consider one of the Swash high-tech toilet seats that are not only heated, but include a warm water wash for users.

Replace the Toilet Paper Holder

For the bathroom that has never been renovated or revamped, the existing hardware may be old, and a little sad. Upgrade the toilet paper holder to something newer, something better. A nickel, brushed nickel or brass toilet paper holder can add a touch of class to any bathroom decor.

Consider a floor standing toilet paper holder if that works for the space available.

Add Towel Racks

Is there any family’s bathroom that actually has enough room on existing towel racks to hang the damp towels?

One home improvement option is to add a second shower rod, which can serve as a towel rack, without taking up an additional space. When space is an issue, consider a Spacemaker towel rack which can hang multiple towels.

One way to trade up in the home improvement area is to purchase a towel rack/warmer.

Upgrade the Faucet

The final easy home improvement project is to upgrade the faucet. Faucets are the masterpieces of bathroom hardware. They are elegant, either nostalgic or modern, and will improve the look and functionality of the bathroom. Double handled faucets have back into vogue for the bathroom. Give your bathroom a new feel, with a traditional sensibility, when you upgrade the faucet.

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