Easy Steps to Unclogging Your Toilet or Sink

One of the worst emergencies in the household are clogged toilets or sinks. There is nothing worse than a guest coming to explain to you they clogged your toilet. It’s a disgusting affair for you, and very embarrassing for the guest. How do you go about fixing it though? Calling a plumber just might not be in your price range, or the may be too busy to fix it that day. Here’s some advice to help in the emergency that you may not know.

When a sink is stopped up, a lot of times its hair mixed with soap scum build up. By removing the stopper from the sink, a lot of times the clog comes with it. Simply pull the stopper all the way out. If it’s attached inside, there is a lever in the back of the sink that works the sink stopper. Remove the nut or spring clamp that holds it in place. After this is done, you can remove the clog sometimes with a small sharp object like a screwdriver or pencil. Be careful not to damage the sinks drain or poke a hole through the drain.

If the above still doesn’t work, then you will need to remove the sink trap. This is the u- shaped pipe under the sink. With a pair of wrenches or in some cases they will unscrew with your hand, unscrew the two nuts holding the trap in place. Stick a small bucket underneath to catch any water that may be trapped in the sink. Once the trap is removed, use a small flexible toilet brush or other flexible wire brush to push through the entire sink trap.

If all else fails, then you will need to buy or rent a small snake. A snake is a long flexible wire with a plastic or wire bulb at the end. Push the snake down into the drain and while pushing back and forth crank the handle. This will rotate the head of the snake and remove any clogs. Once the snake can’t go any further, gently pull out the snake and the clog should come with it.

When a toilet is clogged it is a similar procedure. First you should use a toilet plunger to begin with. Bail out some of the water first to prevent overflow. Place the plunger in and work back and forth 10 times and remove abruptly. If this doesn’t work a toilet snake is best. Put the snake deep into the toilet until it hit’s the clog. Crank the handle until it hooks onto the clog and slowly work the snake with the attached clog back out of the toilet.

If none of the above advice works, call a plumber. Many have a power toilet auger that can really go deep into the drains and remove the clog. It also may not be a clog, there are numerous reasons a toilet won’t flush properly. It may be that you just need a new toilet.

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