Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Carpeted Stairs

Vacuuming carpeted stairs can be nearly impossible when the vacuum cleaner does not have the proper attachments. A brush and a hose is not enough to remove pet hair. The individuals hairs stick like thorns in between carpet fibers. Forget about trying to use an upright vacuum on each stair. The rotating belt can burn and permanently damage stair edges, and it is hard on the shoulders and back. Use these easy ways to remove pet hair from carpeted stairs, and keep them as clean as other carpeted areas of the home. Furry steps are not in style!

Use Cheap Box Tape to Remove Pet Hair from Carpeted Stairs

Lint brushes are a waste of money, especially when trying to remove pet hair from carpeted stairs. They do not work very well, and it takes sheet after sheet to do the job. Instead of buying lint brushes and costly refills, use cheap box tape to remove pet hair from carpeted stairs. One roll of cheap tape will last for weeks. Completely cover each step with tape. The strips should slightly overlap along the edges to create one big piece. Firmly press down the connected strips before removing them all at the same time. They will effectively pull up pet hair, lint, crumbs and other debris.

Try a Dampened Rubber Cleaning Glove

A bare hand works to remove pet hair from carpeted steps, but a gloved hand works even better. Lightly dampen a rubber cleaning glove, and use a gloved hand to rub pet hair into a ball. It will be easy to remove clumps of pet hair and throw them away. Best of all, a rubber glove will last considerably longer than tape or any other disposable cleaning tool.

Remove Pet Hair from Carpeted Stairs with a Rubber Broom or Brush

A rubber brush or broom works like a charm to remove pet hair from carpeted stairs. Most are designed with rubber bristles and a straight rubber edge. Try both to see which option is the most effective. The brush will gently work to gather up clumps of pet hair. Once they are gathered they are very easy pick up and throw away. A vacuum is never required.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Cleaning Experience

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