Ebay – How to Place a Bid & Tips on Winning the Bid You Want

Below are tips that will help someone new to Ebay place and win their first bid.

Placing a Bid

Once you have become a member of Ebay, and you have found an item you want to bid on, the rest is fairly simple. By following the procedure explained in this article you should have no problems placing a bid on the item of your choice.

If you are looking to place a bid, it is safe to assume you have found the item you were searching for. When you find that item, click the blue link that describes the item.

Now you will be on a page that shows a picture of the item, and gives you the current bid price. Right under the current bid price you will see a button that says “Place Bid”. You should click this button.

Now you will see the title of the item of interest, the current bid, and a place for you to enter your maximum bid. Remember, this is the maximum amount you want to bid on this item, but Ebay will only bid as much as it takes to beat the prior bid. Sometimes you will win the sale, but you will win with a price under your maximum bid. Ebay will never use any more than it takes to win the bid. For example, if your maximum bid is $22.00 against a $18.00 bid, and the other member bids $19.00, Ebay will only use $19.25 of your maximum bid to beat the other member. If someone bids an amount over your maximum bid, you lose.

After entering your maximum bid, click the continue button. From there, follow the steps for validation. You are all set. You have successfully placed a bid.

Tips On Winning a Bid

Maybe you are having trouble winning a bid on Ebay, and you wonder what you are doing wrong. Here are some valuable tips and advice to help you win a bid on an Ebay auction.

First, you should always enter the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item of interest, even if the price you are willing to pay is considerably more than the existing bid. Ebay will only use the amount it takes to beat a previous bid, they do not automatically bid your maximum bid. The only time your maximum amount will be bid is if it necessary in order to make you the highest bidder.

Second, consider the amount of time left on the auction. If there are three days left to the finish, it is safe to assume you will be outbid if you only bid a little over the highest bidder. Towards the end of an auction, Ebay members tend to bid more frequently.

Hopefully, these tips will help you succeed in winning the item YOU want!

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