Echo Night: Beyond. Fetch Quest for Your Life!

Upon starting the title, you are greeted with a beautiful opening scene when you leave the controller alone. Beautifully sad classical music plays as the scene unfolds before you in some of in my opinion the most breath taking cut scene graphics I’ve seen in a long time. As you start the game you are aware you are the only Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½survivor’ of a spaceship crash on the lunar base.

“I thought I heard someone calling my name. My fiancÃ?©, Claudia, and I were on
a space trip. Suddenly, there was an intense shock and roaring sound…
A massive shock as the shuttle crashed on to the moon. That’s… all I
remember. I’m slowly starting to come to… But… I can’t sense that Claudia
is here anywhere…”

You wake up just after With little more than the promise ring from your girl and the notion she isn’t where you are anymore. Like any love sick fool, you start your search with one goal in your head. Your beloved Claudia could be somewhere here, somewhere here alive. After a bought with a ghost just wanting one more drink of booze you head out into the connecting bridge to the Station and are greeted by very eerie fog everywhere. You get about half way across the bridge when your heart beat starts going up and you hear a ghostly voice calling out for you to wait up. After running like hell away from the attacking ghost, You reach the safety of the next room only to find yourself confronted by another ghost. At this point you begin to get the feeling this game is going to be a giant fetch quest. The ghost wants simply to know the girl ghost that killed him found rest. Oh yeah, like that’s going to be easy. As any veteran of survival horror game with ghosts know, Children ghosts are usually the last thing you want to find or encounter. As you trek through the massive space station you pick up clues as to what could have possibly caused all this death. The more you learn the more you become steadily disturbed and uneasy with your own surroundings. Rooms with fog become foreboding dread. And despite the main focus of the game being fetching items for ghosts so they can pass on, you’ll quickly learn this is easier said than done. No one ghost is like the other and the challenges for each are equally unique and presented to make you really think. If the ghosts weren’t enough to make you become paranoid and get your heart pumping. The lack of adequate lighting, a Flash light that can run out of power at any time and the sluggish low gravity moving will just add to all the anxiety. By the end of the game you’ll get a sense of satisfaction with this one. You put everything as right as it could go, considering everyone’s dead. Already. Believe me out of the four endings you can receive the Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½good ending’ will throw you completely for a loop. They wait to give you the ultimate plot twist till the end.

All and all this game is a definite play, perhaps maybe not a buy. Unless of course your heavily into the occult game genre. This highly over looked and under appreciated game deserves more than a passing glance. And will go down as one of the games that gave me the hardest time sleeping after a few hours of play late at night with all the lights out and the volume cranked.

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