Eco Friendly Kitchen Counter Tops

Eco friendly homes are not only the wave of the future, they are here now. Every part of a home can be eco friendly from the outside to the inside, from the living room to the kitchen and every room in between. And the biggest object in your kitchen is your counter top. And the thing homeowners what to change the most. Next time you are ready for a new kitchen counter top, make it an eco friendly one. Counter tops are considered to be eco friendly when they are made from recycled materials or from woods that are renewable in a short period of time, fast growing things that benefit from being cut down. These are some of the best and most popular of the eco friendly kitchen counter tops and you will be a bit surprised when you see what some of them are made of.

Recycled Glass makes a great eco friendly kitchen counter top. And no one will guess what your new counter tops are made of. These are not only eco friendly but beautiful and durable as well. Each recycled glass counter top looks like a one of a kind mosaic, which is just about what it is. All of those bottles you have been carefully putting out in the recycle bin come back to your kitchen transformed forever into something useful.

Bamboo is a great eco friendly material because bamboo renews itself very rapidly as opposed to most wood which comes from trees that take many years to grow back. Bamboo is in the grass family and anyone who has a lawn knows how fast it grows back. Bamboo makes great eco friendly kitchen counter tops. It looks like wood and comes in a large variety of styles and colors. And it will stand up to just about anything you and your family can throw at it.

Recycled Paper Yes that’s right. Recycled paper makes great eco friendly kitchen counter tops. This company combines recycled paper with cashew nut oils and water-based resins to create a product they call Paperstone because of its resemblance to soapstone. It comes in a wide range of colors and is even more durable than soapstone itself.

Recycled Aluminum. If they can make eco friendly kitchen counter tops out of glass bottles, then they can make eco friendly kitchen counter tops out of recycled aluminum cans. They go very well with the latest stainless steel kitchen appliances also. They are light weight, heat resistant and fingerprint proof. If you do not want to match stainless steel appliances, you have a choice of colors including antique black and golden amber.

Fibrous-cement Material Fibrous cement material is a composite of recycled glass, coal fly-ash and cement. It comes in a large variety of colors and gives your kitchen the look of limestone.

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