Ediets.com Online Weight Loss Program

If you have ever logged onto the Internet, chances are high you have seen an advertisement for Ediets.com. If you are an American there is a 65% chance you are overweight. Perhaps you have wondered about the service, but didn’t want to cough up the money without knowing for sure what kind of results you might really get. Well I took the plunge, and would be more than happy to give you an inside scoop.

E-diets.com did not get to be one of the most popular sights for online dieting by accident. It really does have some very impressive features. The online tracking tools for weight loss and nutrition are really superb. They are easy to use, have good graphics, and for the most part don’t have the problems of moving slow like some other online sights.

The main attraction to this sight is that you can choose a popular diet such as Atkins or South Beach and the sight will create weekly menus and shopping lists for you based on your specifications. This assures your menus will be well balanced and have variety. The sight has well over 17 diets to choose from, and there is even a diet plan for managing diabetes while loosing weight.

You also have the option of allowing E-diets.com to create a diet for you based on your specifications and nutritional needs. Ediets.com does have a staff of registered dieticians, and the plan they created for me was easy to follow and really did follow the guidelines I had requested. Having a shopping list was great and was a time saver.

But this online weight loss plan does not leave you without personal support. There is a chat section, which although I am not a “chatter” myself, I enjoyed observing the conversations, and found them motivating. And as I mentioned Ediets.com does have a staff of dieticians and they do provide direct support via email or you may call the 800#’s for direct personal advise as well. I had a contact that I corresponded with via email when I first started and she was very friendly and helpful. I also found it comforting to know that I could talk to a live human one-on-one if I needed to.

When you first start out you will receive a free diet analysis and BMI reading. Otherwise the service is between $4-$6 per week depending on which plan you choose. This is billed every 28 days.

BEWARE: There is an EARLY TERMINATION FEE of $25 if you do not continue with the program for three full months. After that you may cancel at anytime without penalty. That is motivation to stay with the program for at least three months, but on the other hand if you find the program doesn’t work for you it is a real frustration.

Another drawback to this particular service is the scads of advertisements and corresponding offers you have to wade through. You must pay very close attention when you are signing up to make sure you UNCHECK and CHECK all the right boxes to prevent yourself from getting signed up for junk email you don’t really want.

In the end the reason I did not continue with the sight was not because of lack of online tools, or personal support, or resources-all of these are of highest quality. And it wasn’t because of the cost-for the amount of personal support and weight loss tools provided Ediets.com is an excellent value compared to other programs.

I did loose weight, the plan they gave me was quite effective. Ironically what I found in the end is that the service was doing too much for me. I was not developing the skills I needed to self motivate, create my own menus, and make my own choices. What I was developing was a life long dependency on their service.

To get started on making changes toward a healthy lifestyle this sight is excellent. Think of it like training wheels for loosing weight. After about four months or so I had experienced some weight loss and was becoming more comfortable with healthy eating; however I found personally in order to stay motivated and have satisfaction in my journey I needed to take ownership of my choices and learn to create a healthy lifestyle for myself instead of paying a web sight to make my choices and do my thinking for me.

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