Getting Rid of Dandruff with Listerine and Other Health-Related Uses for Common Products

Why go to the store and shell out hefty sums of what little gas money you’ve got left buying health care products when you can use things you’ve probably already got on your pantry or refrigerator shelves.

For instance, beach weather invariably means sunburn weather right? What should you do when you get a sunburn? Run down to the nearest Walgreens? Heck now. At least, not if you’ve already got a container of yogurt. Did you know that if you spread some yogurt on a sunburn and let it dry for twenty minutes it will soothe the pain as quickly as any over the counter medication? Well, that’s just great for some people, but what if you’re like me and you just can’t eat yogurt so you don’t have any in the house? Well, if you don’t have a box of baking soda in your refrigerator, you should. Now’s the time to take it out and empty half a cup into lukewarm bath water. Once it’s dissolved, climb in and your sunburn pain should be soothed in just fifteen minutes. If the sunburn isn’t too bad, or if you just don’t want all that yucky feeling all over you, take out a teabag, get it wet, and pat the affected area.

You say you’ve got dandruff? Have you ever washed your hair in Listerine? Sounds disgusting, sure, but it’s less embarrassing that having your collar look like Mt. Fuji. However, if smelling like mouthwash is just too made to trade off for getting rid of the dandruff, why not go the lemon juice route? As little as one tablespoon (that’s the big one) applied to your hair before shampooing, then rinsing with another two tablespoons mixed with the water should leave you flake-free after about a week of every other day use.

On a more serious note, if you’ve suffered a minor burn and are partial to chicken salad you are in luck. Simply bring out the jar of Miracle Whip and rub it into the burn. After it sets, wipe it clean. If you bit into a piping hot piece of pizza or burn your throat in some other fashion, simply swallow two teaspoons (the little ones) of olive oil. This may not taste all that great, but it’s better than castor oil and it quickly soothes the inner lining to take away that burning sensation. Probably the best thing you can for a burn with something around the house is applying honey to it. Honey has a natural ability to destroy those little creepy-crawlies that thrive on wounds and cause infection.

Should something even more serious than a burn occur and cause heavy bleeding, if you’ve got a baby nearby go and get one of the diapers. You can’t beat a diaper as a compress to soak up and stem the tide of blood. To disinfect the wound-although just the very idea may make you pass out-soak some cotton in lemon juice and pat the would. If you’ve got the nerve, you can even pour the lemon juice directly onto the wound. For those whose bloody wounds tend to be limited to shaving nicks, forget those little squares of toilet paper. Keep some chapstick in your bathroom vanity and apply it to the cuts to stop the bleeding.

To take us back to where we began, you probably got that sunburn because you didn’t use suntan lotion. Since you probably have it in possession now, be aware that suntan lotion is also a great method for relieving insect bites. And if you still don’t have suntan lotion, then try the Alka-Seltzer treatment. Do the whole drop-drop, fizz-fizz bit but instead of drinking the concoction, soak a hand towel and wrap it around the area where you got bit for about twenty minutes.

There are any number of amazing uses for the versatile products you’ve got inside your house. Anything you can do to save the gas money spent on a trip to the drug store is worthwhile.

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