Home Remedies for Eye Styes

What is an Eye Stye?

An eye stye is a non-contagious infection that occurs around the eyelash follicles. For the most part, styes closely resemble a small, red pimple on the eyelid. Even though styes are not serious conditions, because of the location of most styes, these small bumps can cause moderate discomfort. Eye styes are not harmful, nor will they interfere with vision.

What Causes Eye Styes?

In most cases, eye styes are caused by staphylococcal bacteria. This is a common bacterium, which is primarily located in the nose. Because most people have an unrecognized habit of rubbing their eyes and nose, the bacteria can easily transfer to the eye. When this happens, the odds of developing an eye stye are high.

Symptoms of an Eye Stye

� Eye Pain
� Eye Redness
� Swollen Eyelids
� Pimple Appearing on Eyelids
� Sensitivity to Light
� Watery Eyes
� Foreign Sensation within Eyes

Treatment Options for Eye Styes

The majority of eye styes will heal without treatment. On average, the bumps will come to a head within a couple of days. Once the bump breaks open, the stye will heal and pain generally subsides immediately.

If eager for an eye stye to heal, consider the following home treatment tips:

� Apply a warm compress to the stye three times a day for 15 minutes
� Obtain prescription antibiotics to fight repeated eye infections
� If the eye stye prolongs, the bump may need to be surgically drained

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