Effective Ways to Get Rid of a Musty Smell in a Shed

A shed that smells musty is not an ideal place for storing things let alone working on projects, especially for long periods of time. A damp smell that is associated with mold and mildew can literally take your breath away, and in more ways than one. It can cause a myriad of respiratory issues and serious problems. If the structure is sound, the problem can be remedied, and without professional help. Use these effective ways to get rid of a musty smell in a shed, and take care of it at the source before using the recommended natural method of odor neutralization.

Repair All Leaks

To effectively get rid of a musty smell in a shed, it is of the utmost importance to repair all leaks. Look for signs of moisture on the ceiling, along the walls and around the windows. Just as shingles on a house eventually require replacement, a shed roof must also be maintained. If necessary, replace or recover the shingles with new ones, and look for leaks in other locations. Do not assume that the problem is solved because a roof leak was repaired. Look for signs of moisture damage around the window(s) and doors. Caulking around windows must also be replaced, and doors must completely close for the interior to remain dry and free from mold, mildew and eventual rot.

Replace Rotted Wood

If the interior wood is showing signs of deterioration, replace it before other problems arise. Damp rotting wood is a haven for insects that can cause extensive damage. If necessary, replace rotted or damaged plywood, support beams, window frames and flooring. With proper maintenance, not only will you get rid of and prevent a musty smell, but your shed will provide a dry and secure storage space for many years to come. If moisture problems are not remedied, you will not get rid of the bad odor – at least not completely. Anything that you use will only temporarily mask the musty smell.

Use Dry Ground Coffee as a Natural Odor Neutralizer

After repairing any leaks and replacing rotted or moisture-damaged wood, air out the shed for at least eight hours. If the bad smell remains, use dry ground coffee to completely get rid of the musty odor. Set shallow containers of freshly ground coffee beans in three different locations. Place one on the floor, one on a mid-level shelf or workbench and one in the loft or on an upper shelf. Keep the building securely closed for 48 hours or longer. It will retain the faint smell of coffee for several days, but after it fades away, nothing will be left but a fresh clean scent.

Source: Professional Home Decorating and Natural Odor Solution Experience

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