How to Clean Your Toilet Bowl in Your House

Today is a cleaning day for me. One of the most horrid chores is cleaning the toilet bowl inside my apartment. This chore makes me quite upset, but it is something that we all must do, especially is company is coming. Here are some quick cleaning tips on how to make your toilet bowl sparkle!

Step 1
Put on a nice comfortable pair of rubber gloves. Do not use the same pair of rubber gloves that you use to wash your dishes, because that is disgusting. Use a different pair of rubber gloves. You can buy these at a local Dollar Store.

Step 2
Lift the lid to your toilet bowl.

Step 3
Pour in some kind of liquid cleaner or power cleaner. I really prefer to use Comet power cleaner, but you can pretty much use anything. If you don’t have access to that, anti-bacterial soap can work just as nice!

Step 4
Grab your toilet brush and while holding it, place it inside your toilet bowl. With your toilet brush, make circular motions as to clean the toilet bowl. Do not swish to fast, or you might get splashed. This is not pleasant.

Step 5
Replace the toilet brush back in its toilet brush holder and get your disinfectant spray. Lightly spritz the outside of your toilet and wipe off all the while still wearing your gloves.

If all else fails all your toilet has not become as clean as you desired, let the Comet power cleaner remain in the toilet for 10 minutes. This usually will loosen up any big stains in your toilet bowl. Also, one way to avoid big stains in your toilet bowl is to clean it regularly, at least once or twice a week.

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