How to Prevent Freezer Burn on Your Frozen Food

Things You’ll Need:

Plastic wrap
Sealable freezer bags
Food Scale (Optional)

Step 1-
After you’ve bought your bulk items, and made room in your freezer, separate your large packages into single or double sized portions for wrapping, and freezing. Once you’ve determined the size of the portions, proceed to the next step.

Step 2-
Get the plastic wrap, seal each portion individually, and make a close tight seal with the food to get rid of any extra air pockets. This will make it easy to separate when it’s time to cook them. Repeat this for all of your single portions until they are all wrapped tight individually in plastic.

Step 3-
Place your portions into bags based upon your average meal size. This will save time later so that all you will need to do is pull out a bag when it is time to use. The portions will be right there, and ready.

Step 4-
After the bags have been filled to desired capacity, close them by sealing the bag. When you close the bag, leave a small opening at the end of the sealing line to press out all of the air inside. If possible roll the bag to remove even more air as you are assisting it with gentle squeezing.

Step 5-
When as much air as possible has been removed, then close the end of the bag. This should create a slight vacuum effect inside of the bag. Doing so creates a moisture barrier so that the dry cold air of the freezer won’t suck the moisture out of your freshly sealed food.

Extra Advice-

You can use this tip for cooked foods as well, but be careful to make certain the food has cooled off!

Sealing hot food is potentially dangerous to your health! Anaerobic conditions can breed harmful bacteria. Allow the food to cool first!

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