Elayne’s Garden: Certified Organic Bath and Body Products

It can be quite difficult to find bath and body products that live up to their claims. Often, we are pulled into purchasing a more expensive product than we actually need, simply because of promises that may or may not be kept. As a discriminating consumer, as well as a consumer who enjoys the finer things in life, it is imperative that I share Elayne’s Garden with all women who are looking for the best bath and body products available.

Elayne’s Garden is a privately owned company where the product is still made painstakingly by hand. The owner proudly makes bath and body products out of entirely organic materials. Elayne’s Garden is currently the only certified organic soap manufacturer in New Hampshire, and one of only a few nationwide. Certification is granted through the USDA to the same strict standards as food. The personal body care industry is currently unregulated. This certification insures product integrity. This means you will be washing and bathing with only pure ingredients. This is especially important since chemicals can do drastic damage to our skin. Even when a product is promoting healthy skin, if it contains chemicals then it is not entirely healthy. Elayne’s Garden takes all the guesswork out by providing only fresh, nourishing, chemical free, organic product. Not only will you feel beautiful using Elayne’s Garden certified organic products, but also you can be proud of yourself for promoting a healthier environment.

Elayne’s Garden carries a nice assortment of bath and body products. There is an entire page of their website dedicated to various soaps. These soaps are, as preciously stated, all made by hand of organic oils. This means that no animal fats or tallow are used. Personally, that statement alone makes me feel cleaner. There are several unique scents available in the bar soaps as well as some standard favorites. Let me share a few examples. These details are pulled directly from the Elayne’s Garden website.

Citrus Berry – Juniper berry and grapefruit oils are blended for an energizing, harmonious scent.
Mulled Cider – Cinnamon, citrus & clove are combined for that crisp, warm ray of sunshine that will surely comfort you always.
Lavender Fields – Lavender restores and balances body and mind. Lavender buds are added to gently exfoliate.
Gardener’s Delight – Coffee grounds and pumice clean deeply, favorite hand soap for the busy gardener or worker.
Mocha Mint Truffle – Chocolate can enhance serotonin levels, and combined with stimulating peppermint, this bar is sure to uplift body & mind.

Each organic, hand crafted soap is different from the next. These delicious smelling and body enhancing soaps are perfect for any woman’s lifestyle. Elayne’s Garden has soap for everyone, making them the perfect gift for any woman on your list.

Elayne’s Garden goes well beyond manufacturing organic soaps. They also carry several lotions, balms and body polishes that are dedicated to different parts of the body. Organic certification is pending on these products. The Nourishing Lotion and Whipped Body CrÃ?¨me will keep your body soft and protect your skin. The Botanical Night CrÃ?¨me and Shea Butter SoufflÃ?© will keep your face clean, soft, and hydrated. The Sugar Scrub and Salt Glow provide gentle exfoliating to create super soft skin. The Soothing Hands relieves hardworking hands and the Sweet Feet provides a spa like experience for your feet. Each of these products is available in three different scents; Carefree Meadow which is citrus and lavender, Serendipity which is spearmint and eucalyptus, and Citrus Berry which is citrus and juniperberry. Each scent adds its own special touch to the products. Elayne’sGarden provides these hand made body products that are sure to enhance your mood, mind, and body.

One of the best aspects of Elayne’s Garden is the packaging. Each package is hand bottled and labeled. The labels themselves are so attractive that they look much more expensive than the actual cost. Giving Elayne’s Garden products as gifts is a fantastic way to show how thoughtful you are and how much you care. Elayne’s Garden recognizes the importance of gift giving and offers several package options on the “Gifts” section of their website. Ordering the gift packages also saves money from purchasing each item separately. Plus, the product arrives ready to be given, looking elegant in its own hand packaging.

Elayne’s Garden truly understands the needs and expectations of women. The products they provide are organic and hand crafted from start to finish, including the bottling and labeling. This ensures a beautiful product of the highest quality. These bath and body products are perfect for the discriminating consumer, such as myself, who have high expectations from the products they use on their face and body. Elayne’s Garden is currently a small, privately owned company where the service is exceptional and the product is even better. Using the bath and body products from Elayne’s Garden make you feel good about yourself because you are treating your body to fresh, organic products that are made for your specific needs. I am done praising Elayne’s Garden for now. Although I could say so much more, the proof is in the product. Buy some organic hand crafted bath and body products for yourself and for the women you care about. Take care of yourself and show your loved ones how much you care about them.

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