Electronic Devices to Carry During a Trip

Travelling far with two young children can be challenging, especially on long air flights. In this age of modern electronics, there are some basic items that we as a family, can never travel with, be it a road trip or a 4 hour flight or 12 hour flight to foreign countries.

Camera Phone or Camera– Or any portable/handy camera. Having a camera within your phone is a bonus since you can avoid carrying an extra gadget. But some of those cameras would not be of good quality. Cameras are a must when we go on a trip because we want to capture all the good moments as a family. Having a camera can be handy during accidents as well to take pictures of the incident instantaneously. One time, we were travelling in car and met with an accident, we were able to quickly take pictures of both parties and use them later on when we filed insurance claim.

GPS – Everybody knows the use of GPS. No matter how hard one plans, nobody is going to be able to memorize the routes before the trip. If you are going to a new place you are not familiar and have to rent a car, having GPS helps you navigate the city. Just remember to not leave the GPS and its charger in the car overnight. People might break into your car to steal GPS. So when you are retiring for the night, unplug the GPS and charger and take it with you to your room. We do not even attach the GPS holder on the wind shield in fear people may be tempted to break into the car, thinking GPS may be stowed in the glove compartment.

Chargers – What good are phones and laptops and other electronic devices without chargers to charge them! Make sure all electronic devices have matching charger packed before you leave the house. Also remember to plug in the devices every night before you go to sleep, that way you are not hunting for charge points in amusement parks or restaurants during the day.

iPad or iPod – This is a must in our family during road trip or long flights. The kids can spend endless hours playing games on it. Be sure to have games that do not require Wi-Fi else those games won’t be effective during flights or road trips. These devices also double as cameras in our household during trips.

Phone – Lastly, my husband and I ensure we always carry phones on us before we leave on trips. Even during the vacation, there would be situations when I have to take my little one to a diaper change while my husband wanders off with the other child. When I step out of the restroom, I sometimes cannot spot them. Having phones on each of us enables us to call and find out where the other person is at. That way, nobody gets lost and we don’t spend time searching for the other in the crowds.

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