Energy Company Gives Subsidy

The Philippine energy company Meralco has been giving a P500 subsidy to some of its users. But this is only given to those who have a consumption of 100 kw per month.

The system of the releasing was that people flocked to the bank, brought their bills, and got their subsidy in the form of a crisp P500-bill. But this is only for a one-time event. Those who lost their previous bills could get a copy from Meralco but one lady complained on TV that the bank would not honor the duplicate bill. Others complained that they have stayed on their queues for several hours and are already hungry.

I think this system is ridiculous. If they really wanted to give back some money as a refund, they should give it to everybody. After all, every one is paying for system losses for the energy consumption that goes to those who cheat on their electric bills.

And really, why do they have to treat people like that? Isn’t it so much easier to credit the amount of P500 for the next bill? Isn’t that more simple than using their people to dispense cash? This is also prone to errors and a security risks.

Sometimes….some people are just not using their old noggin…But I also wonder, will CENECO also give such?

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