English R Us: Possible Career Paths for English Degree Graduates

Like any form of education, obtaining a degree of any form is vital. Without a degree companies are less likely to even consider you entering the door for an interview. Even with a degree, obtaining that career you’ve been searching for is tough. However, an English degree gives you a better advantage than someone without one.

If you are majoring in English, you may want to read ahead to some of the possible opportunities you can explore! English majorees have fined-tuned their abilities in the following. (These are essential skills that can be transferable to any career!)

�· The ability to read critically.
�· Write persuasively.
�· Analyze complex textual and cultural phenomenon.
�· Communicate effectively and persuasively.
�· Research and writing skills.
�· Analytical and critical methodologies.
�· Time management skills
�· Interpersonal communications.

$$$$$ Possible careers: $$$$$

Publishing ($35,000 – $60, 000)

Publishers generally start with average salary, but your abilities are what get you into higher pay. Publishers main role follow the responsibilities for distribution of media, advertisement, news, community events, etc..

If you need more information specifically, try searching job websites such as Monsterjobs.com, careerbuilder.com, etc..

Broadcasting/Journalism ($25,000 – $70,000)

Ever wonder how some of those lighting affects and tv transitions are done? This is the main role of a broadcaster. Journalist are basically of the same creed, accept they focus particularly more on getting vital information out to the public. Broadcasting and Journalism offer a variety of different choices amongst these fields.

For more information about broadcasting visit, http://www.jobbankusa.com/

Teaching ($30,000 – $80,000)

Teachers do fairly well (depending on which area you consider.) Of course, teachers are responsible for educating our children who are the future leaders of tomorrow. There are several institutions to consider; elementary, junior high, high school, technical schools, community college and universities.

Flipdog.com Careerbuilder.com, or any job website for more information.

Public Relations & Diplomacy ($50,000 – higher)

The salary range of any particular persons in diplomacy can range from many different descriptions. Their main role is to work with partners around the world regarding democratic issues by responding to the needs of its people. This is more than less a government position in which you relate specifically with political substance.


Library and information services ($25,000 – higher)

Don’t not fall victim to picturing the idea of working in a general public library. There are several million libraries around the globe that contain exclusive information. Some of these libraries require certain access grants and/or approval from government for research purposes. Picture yourself as a head administrator; coordinating operation techniques, maintaining staff, and developing relationships with incoming consumers.

Flipdog.com Careerbuilder.com, or any job website for more information.

Administrator (Unknown)

Generally Administrators are responsible for overseeing, supervising, and management. An example would be a Network Administrator. A Networking administrator is responsible for the maintenance and supervision of a computer(s) on a particular network. In order to locate general income for an administrator, one may have to narrow research by being more specific.

Do not confine to only the searches of this list. There are many opportunities out there for English graduates. Just remember to be thorough on your search, and focus on looking at which opportunities are a perfect match for you!

Happy job hunting!

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