Enjoying Autumn’s Harvest-Cooking with Squash

Autumn season is harvest time for a multitude of delicious and versatile squashes. Everyone seems to have their favorite, and it’s fun to experiment with them to find new uses. Cooking with squash is easy and quicker than you think. Let’s learn how to cook with spaghetti squash, acorn squash, and zucchini squash.

Spaghetti squash is a tasty and lowfat alternative to pasta. Here is how you would prepare your spaghetti squash:
1) Cut into quarters lengthwise – either steamed or baked. I prefer steaming for time’s sake.
2) Once cooked, simply scoop out squash with a spoon. Do this gently or the spaghetti squash strands will break up too easily.
3) It will automatically separate into strands, reminiscent of spaghetti.
4) It is great with some spaghetti sauce on top with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. This makes it a true replacement for spaghetti.
5) Or, mix with a little oil and some herbs.
6) For a sweeter treat:
a. Sprinkle some brown sugar and mint leaves on the top of the cooked squash. You can either keep the spaghetti squash in its peel or remove the meat from the peel. Either way, this makes for a great side dish. Plus, it is an easy way to cook with spaghetti squash.

Acorn squash is another delectable favorite. Here are some easy recipes for cooking with acorn squash:

1) They are great simply cut in half and (with seeds removed) baked in a 350 oven for about 30 minutes. The drawback to this is the fact that they are so hard to cut into. Anyways,
a. Poke with a fork to test for doneness.
b. When the fork easily enters the acorn squash, remove from the oven.
c. Put a dab of butter on (if desired) and sprinkle with brown sugar.
d. An all-time favorite way to cook with acorn squash:
e. My favorite is cutting the squash into cubes (it’s muscle work!) and steaming it.
f. Once steamed, I remove the peel, discard it, and either eat the squash as is or mash with some butter and garlic. This is a recipe for mashed acorn squash. Very easy, very tasty!
g. See how easy and tasty it is to cook with acorn squash?

Of course, zucchini squash is growing like weeds now. This delightful squash can be enjoyed in a variety of ways such as:

1) Eaten raw in a salad, cut into cubes.
2) Raw as a snack, cut into strips.
3) Saut�©ed with mushrooms and onions
4) Steamed and mashed with a little veggie broth and garlic. This is a recipe for mashed zucchini squash!
5) Cut one in half, remove the seeds, and stuff with a mixture of rice, tomato sauce, and herbs. Bake for 15 minutes in 350 oven. Quick & easy!

Cooking with squash is aromatic, fun, easy, and oh so tasty! Enjoy!

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