Environmental Product Review: Air Quality Test Kits

Air Quality Test Kits are becoming more popular as concerns of pollution and poor air quality arise. There are a number of Environmental Test Kits that are easy assessable that include Air Quality Test Kits that can easily be done in the home.

Homes that use air purification systems have some idea of the quality of air in the homes. If however the air in your home is not purified, if would be prudent to try one of the environmental test kits that include Air Quality Test Kits. These easy to use kits quickly and easily diagnose the level of pollutants in the air.

Basic home air quality test kits should detect pollutants such as dust mites, fiberglass, mold, bacteria, allergens, asbestos and more. The inexpensive easy to use product is an easy way to check levels of pollutants in the home.

One such company that makes environmental test kits makes a good air quality test kit. Jossam Home Air Quality Test Kit air quality is extremely easy to use. All one has to do is install the kit and leave it in place for a few days after which the sample is collected and mail to the Jossam labs for evaluation. Homeowners or business owners will receive the results of the sample evaluation n approximately 7days. If the sample required a bacterial analysis customers could expect the analysis back in approximately 14 days.

Air Quality Test Kits can be ordered directly from Jossam to begin the sample collection process. There are several Air Quality Test Kits from which to select. There is the kit with dust analysis, which retails for $24.95. There is also the kit with mold and dust analysis, which retails for $39.95. Then there is the kit with carcinogenic fibers and dust analysis, which retails for $39.95. If additional analyses are needed that are not a part of the Air Quality Test Kit selected, the analysis may be added on at an additional charge. The charge for analyses varies depending on the selection. The average is from $24.00 for asbestos analyses up to $76.00 for bacteria analyses.

Once the results comes in for each analyses of the Air Quality Test Kit selected customers can determine if they would like further services. Consultations are available directly through Jossam at 763-712-9502 or visit the Web site. For more information on where to obtain environmental test kits and Air Quality Test Kits visit the Web site for Low Impact Living or Jossam.biz.

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