Essenza Home Fragrance Home Diffuser

Who doesn’t love a great smelling home? I have struggled with finding just the right product to bring a delicate fragrance to my home. I have purchased scented candles, plug ins and spray style air fresheners, and even some gel fragrance kits. But recently I found the perfect way to give me the freshness I desired, with the Essenza Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser.


This set of two diffusers was purchased at Costco for only $20, and is packaged very elegantly in a black box, with carrying handle. The set contains two different scented oils, Fireside and Simmering Vanilla. Although the store had two on display so I could smell them, the front of each box has a round scratch and smell sticker, which is amazingly close to the actual scent of each oil.

The glass bottles are super attractive, and have what I’d call a modern look, with a slight hourglass shape, in a square bottle. They measure 6 3/4″ tall, and the wooden cap is 2″ of that measurement. The wooden cap screws off to reveal a plastic plug that must be removed, and once the cap is again screwed on tightly you can add up to 12 reeds through the hole in the top. The bottle holds 6.15 fluid ounces.

The box reads “enjoy the natural warmth and ambiance of our Essenza Reed Diffusers. These luxurious fragrances will lift the spirit of any room. Essenza Reed Diffusers are an easy way to diffuse continuous fragrance.” Essenza makes their reed diffusers in a variety of shaped bottles and scented oils.

My Experience

I love this home fragrance kit! I didn’t know what to expect, so I placed half (6) of the reed sticks into the dispenser, and they stick up 8 1/2″ past the top of the cap. The bottom of the box states that the fragrance will absorb into the reed sticks and diffuse into the air. The fragrance “blooms” within 24-36 hours. It’s easy to adjust the amount of fragrance your home gets by putting more or less reed sticks into the dispenser. For more fragrance add more reeds, for less fragrance, put in fewer reeds.

We started to notice the fragrance after just a couple hours, and the Fireside scent is much stronger than the Simmering Vanilla, so I had to remove two of the reeds from the Fireside and place them in a large zip-lock style freezer bag, and store with the rest of the unused reed sticks. Using four of the reeds is about the right amount for us, and when the scent seems to be less strong, I turn the reeds over and expose the other saturated end into the air.

The scent of the two oils is a wonderful, home like smell, and is not at all over powering. I have one dispenser in my kitchen and one in our bedroom, and love both of the scents. Essenza makes many different fragrances, and they also offer different shaped bottles, so check around if you are looking for a particular scent. The vanilla scent reminds me of cookies baking in my oven, a very soothing and relaxing scent.

The box is extremely elegant and as such this would make a wonderful gift for a wedding, shower, birthday or even for Christmas. The black cap on the top and bottom of the box is made of 100% recycled linen paper, and the rest of the product (diffuser cap and glass bottle) is also made from recycled materials.

I have seen these online for as much as $26 each, or $55 for the set of two, so $20 at Costco was a real bargain. I plan on going back and buying one or two more sets to have on hand for gifts. The Essenza line is made by Olympic Mountain Products, and are made in the U.S.A.

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