Guide to Laying Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring is a great choice for many homes because it is easy to install, inexpensive and relatively easy to keep clean and maintain. Great improvements have been made in the appearance of linoleum flooring over the years and today’s linoleum floor comes in a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures. That makes it an ideal choice for just about any decorating scheme.

One of the greatest things about linoleum flooring it is that it is easy to install and if you are at all handy is a project that you can do yourself. Here are some simple tips on how to install linoleum flooring in your own home like a pro.

The two most common places where linoleum flooring is used in the home are the kitchen and bathroom. Because items like countertops, cabinets and bathroom fixtures are quite expensive it is best to choose linoleum to match your existing features in the room. A carpet or flooring store should have a wide selection of linoleum from which to choose so be sure to shop around and find the perfect linoleum flooring to match your home.

If you are putting the linoleum flooring into a small room you can often find a remnant for much cheaper than if you were to buy new linoleum straight off the role. Just make sure you know the measurements of the room and you buy a piece of linoleum that is big enough to fit the space.

Once you have purchased your linoleum flooring and have gotten it to your home you will want to first unroll the linoleum flooring and then re-roll it backwards to help keep flatten it out and keep it from rolling up while you’re trying to install it. Then unroll the flooring and lay it out flat.

Make sure the existing floor in the room where you plan to install the linoleum flooring is completely free of debris or small objects which could cause lumps under the linoleum after it is installed. Next remove any baseboard trim or thresholds around the room. If cabinets can be moved you should move them out of the room, however if they are unable to be moved they are relatively easy to work around. Once you have cleared out the room entirely you are ready to get started.

The easiest way to measure for the linoleum installation is to create a template to cut from. To do this, take old newspaper and lay it around the room taping it together at the seams. Make sure to tape it carefully at all of the joints and to fit it perfectly to your room. You can mark the location of any thresholds or other objects in the room to help you keep your bearings once you pick up the template.

After your template is complete and perfectly fitted to the Room you can pick it up and lay over the linoleum to use as a guide for cutting. Use a pencil to trace around the template onto the linoleum. To help keep your lines straight be sure to use a ruler when you are tracing. After the template has been traced on to the linoleum you can cut out your linoleum using a sharp carpet knife or razor blade. Be sure to use care when cutting and follows your lines exactly.

After the linoleum is cut and before you apply your adhesive you will want to try out the linoleum in the room in a dry run to be sure that it fits perfectly and that there are no areas that need correcting or cutting differently. Make any necessary changes or cuts and then you are ready to install.

The adhesive for the linoleum should be applied directly to the floor in the room where it is being installed. You should work in small manageable sections and lay the linoleum flooring as you go starting at the farthest point away in the room. After adhesive has been applied to the whole room in the linoleum has been laid down you will need to use a roller to smooth out any air bubbles and make sure there is a tight bond between the linoleum flooring and the adhesive.

Be sure to pay careful attention to the edges and corners of your room to ensure that there is a tight bond between the adhesive and the linoleum to prevent problems with your linoleum peeling up over time.

Reinstall your baseboard trim and any doorway thresholds and then you are ready to enjoy your new floor.

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