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It is always fun to take some time and play word games. Word games have a way of keeping the mind active. They can also help one expand their vocabulary. Either way, they are a fun way to spend some time. Be it crossword puzzles, rootonyms, or word search puzzles – there is something online for every word loving soul. This article will describe how to expand your mind with FREE online word games “Free” means no charge ever. Period. It does not mean a ‘free’ trial basis.

For the most convenient and time saving way to enjoy free online word games, visit the American Association of Retired Persons (also known as AARP) website at www.aarp.com. This is by far the best site I have found for free online word games. There is no need for logins, passwords, etc. This site will provide one with a wide variety of free online games and puzzles. In fact, the section is found under the heading ‘Games and Puzzles’. There are literally hours of fun to be had here. Some of the games require Macromedia Shockwave Player to access the game. Others require a Java platform. Depending on your computer’s internet connection speeds, download times can be anywhere from a few minutes to 15 minutes. There is no AARP membership required to gain access to this website. One can easily spend an hour playing online word games for free on this site.

With a reputation of being the world’s most recognizable word game, ‘Jumble’ is one of the free online word games available on this site. This game requires the Macromedia Shockwave Player. Usually seen in the newspaper puzzle section, this mind-challenging game is a welcome relief to be able to play online. One is given different rows of scrambled letters. Underneath each row are lines in which to ‘spell out’ the word. There is a new Jumble puzzle daily. This is but one free online word game available.

Another fun and free online word game is found in Word Search. On the AARP site, this game requires a Java platform. This game involves a combination of visual acuity and search skills. It is fun to play it online for free instead of in the newspaper. There is a new puzzle daily. Each day’s puzzle has a different topic. The list of FIND words is located on the right side of the puzzle. Of course, every FIND word is associated with the topic of the day. This is supposed to help the searcher/player. As one highlights the searched word, it is marked off of the FIND list. One can scroll up and down the list as needed. Also, there is the option of playing against the clock. Or, the player can simply play at his or her own speed. The clock will simply keep ticking. This gives one an idea of how well they are doing against themselves. It is a nice feature, I have found. Word Search is a fantastic way to play online word games for free.

Still another fun and free online word game one can play is known as Rootonym. Here, the player is given a clue and is expected to come up with the root of the word. This free online game is known to help in building the vocabulary. On the AARP site, the player is timed. This makes for fun.

AARP Games and Puzzles also offers a word game called ‘Play Four’. Here, the player is given a puzzle with four spaces across and four spaces down. They are given 8 clues. Players type in the letter they believe is correct. Black letters signify it is correct. Red letters are incorrect. This game goes quick. There also is a timer on this game. For a free online word game, it is fun.

For those that love crossword puzzles, there is a chance to play this classic puzzle game online for free. AARP has a new puzzle daily. Length varies. Each one is easy to use. Not much more needs to be said about crossword puzzles. Every word lover knows what they are.

Sudoko is another word game offered on the AARP site. As can be seen, I highly recommend the AARP ‘Games and Puzzles’ site for free online word games. There are no hassles to be had. (However, there may be a rather slow downloading time of Macromedia Shockwave if one is using dial-up access).

Away from AARP, there are other sites that claim to offer free online word games. However, one must be careful of this. AARP does not have any ads, offers, or surveys that need to be filled out prior to gaining access to any games. This is very nice to see. Other sites do.

A site titled www.wordtoad.com comes to mind. This site is totally deceptive, in my opinion. It is advertised as offering free online word games. If “free” means having to decipher out a survey, offer upon offer of unwanted ‘deals’, and sponsorship ads – no thank you. Even after having to put up with all that unwanted junk, the user still has to wait to download the games. It is a very time consuming site. I do not recommend it. I am only warning about it here.

A good site to visit for truly free online word games is found at www.pogo.com. Here, one can find the game Bookworm. This is a popular game that appears in puzzle form. One simple clicks on letters to make words. As the word is completed, the bookworm eats the letters. Each word has points. The fun of this game is the fact that one can see how many points can be racked up. As players complete the first level, they are automatically taken to the next level. It is a fun game. There also are other word games available on this site. Please be aware, though, that upon entering this site there is a signup. One needs to get a user name and password. It does not take long. (Also know that if you download the Deluxe version, as they request, it is only for a 60-minute time span. Then you need to purchase the game). You can stay online and play this game for free, however.

Well, this article has given some ideas on how to play online word games for free. They are usually convenient, mind challenging, and FUN! Enjoy!!

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