Extend the Life of Your Possessions

There are certain items that can cost a lot to replace, so finding ways to make them last longer is always a good idea. Here are a few tips to help you save money and have your things look nicer longer.

Board Games

Cover Board games with shellac or varnish. This protects them from fading and scuffs. It also makes it easier to keep them clean. Lets face it, most of the time when playing board games, snacks are involved and boards can get grimy especially if they are played often and enjoyed by the younger members of the household. When a board is covered in shellac or varnish you can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth.


Dried out markers occur often especially when you have younger children that enjoy coloring. Bring life back into your dried out markers by dipping them in acetone based nail polish remover. Put the lid back on them and let them sit for a few hours. They should then work perfectly.


A good mattress can be a big investment so keep it like new by following these tips. Turn your mattress every two months. Remember that turning it from top to bottom is also considered turning it. If your mattress is a little older and has gotten a little too soft for comfort, but a half inch thick sheet of ply wood between your mattress and the box spring. This will make it a bit firmer and should give you a couple more years of use from your mattress.

Scratches on Wood Furnishings

If some of your wood furnishings are a bit older they most likely have scratches. You can make them look like new again by getting a wax pencil in the same color or a slightly darker color than the stain on the wood. Fill in the scratch with the pencil working from top to bottom. Cover a block of wood with a soft rag. Run the edge over the wax filled scratch going with the grain of the wood. This will evenly distribute the wax and make sure that it is flat. Then go over the area again with a soft rag and the scratch should be unidentifiable.

Beautiful Silver

Nice silverware is a bit pricey to buy, but it can last a lifetime or even longer if taken care of properly. Don’t leave silverware in water for long amounts of time; this will cause spots and rusting. Dry your silverware immediately after washing to avoid water stains. To polish and clean your silver cut a raw potato in half, dip it in baking soda and rub the potato over the piece of silver. Wipe it down with a damp cloth, then a dry one.

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