Father Daughter Crafts: Shelf Curtain Rod

This shelf curtain rod is the perfect father daughter craft for fathers and daughters of all ages. This father daughter craft is easy to make and perfect for lining up dolls and other storage on top right above your little girl’s bedroom window

You can buy pre made shelf curtain rods, but they are easy to make and a fun craft that can be accomplished by almost anyone.

To Make This Father Daughter Craft Shelf Curtain Rod You Will Need:

Metal Shelf Brackets


Wood Shelf


Toggle Bolts

I love this fun curtain rod storage shelf because it is so easy to make and you do not even need to own a saw of any kind.

The first step is to buy metal shelf brackets. Look for the ornate kind that has scrolls or iron work on it. This will provide a space fo you to slide a pre made curtain rod through. These are usually reproductions and can be found at the local home improvement store as well as the flea market.

Own, install one bracket at each end of your window, about 6 inches out from the sides. They will also need to be hung in the wall and lined up right at the top of the sill of the window.

Measure how long your space is between the two brackets. Add on 10 inches and have your piece of shelf wood cut to this length. You can use pre made 1X8 boards or any size you with.

If you check out your local home improvement store you will find they have a huge selection of pre made shelves. You can have these cut to length there for free.

Now, set the shelf on top of th brackets, like you are installing a shelf. Screw into place for safety.

Now, slide a rode in through the openings on the ornate metal brackets. You can use a wood rod or even a piece of planning pipe cut ot length.

Add finials on the needs to finish off the look.

You r daughter can help with every step of this simple certain rod shelf project including loading it up with dolls and other items for display.

Tip: Paint all the pieces out in the same color to tie the whole look together. Use an antique white spray paint for a shabby chic look. You can also find hammered metal silver pain that has a very girly look as well. Do this step outside though!

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