Fear Creeps into My Heart

Fear creeps into my heart,
And it makes me want to hide-
But hiding never got me what I wanted�
And the hiding just made the need deeper and greedier�
So in this new place,
Busy making my own space,
How do I kick this fears’ ass and make it go away?
How do I keep the past from coming back to grab at me?
I know I can’t look back-
That just makes me want to cry.
And somehow I just can’t let go, not yet, not now.
How the hell am I supposed to stay strong when I can barely get a grip?
I want to see the sun shining,
Like a new day is dawning and bringing new opportunities.
I want to make it through this long and lonely night cuz I’ve done it before.
But this time, I got to wake up and walk right and put my childish ways behind me.
I can’t count on dreams.
And I can’t change the past.
But I have forgotten how to be me,
And I don’t remember how to get loose and run freeâÂ?¦
God Help Me.

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