Find Classmates from Long Ago

The scene has been played out a million times: it’s the last day of school and promises abound, amidst tears and handshakes, of keeping in touch, never losing track of each other. Then, off to separate colleges, and sometimes, separate parts of the world. Think you’ll never hear from or see your friend again? Think again. The internet is making it much easier to track down old classmates and friends.

There are now several sites that attempt to get classmates back in touch with each other. Register at their site and view other people, from your class or your school, who have also checked in. There could be someone who is looking for you as well, and you can find them by registering at one or all of these types of sites.

The first order of business when you get to one of these sites is to choose the state where you went to school. Next, choose the city, then the name of the school. It’ll then tell you how many people from your school are registered. After you register, you can then view the list of registered members who went to your school, or were in your class.

If you happen to find someone listed that you really want to contact, that’s when the trick comes into play. You must pay a fee to access email addresses and actually be able to contact the person, view current photos or read profiles. If you don’t pay the fee the most you can do, usually, is view the list.

Still, the fees are generally minimal – a couple bucks or so a month – but usually the fee must be paid by the year. The great thing is, you can search for the person or people you’re wanting to find, before paying the fee. If you don’t see them listed at the particular site, you don’t have to pay the fees. And if you simply can’t afford to pay the fees, there’s always the chance that the person you want to contact will pay the fees and contact you!

Some of the sites have a free message board where you can post announcements, weddings, births, reunion info and such. Not only are there classmates and messages from schools all over the United States, but Canada’s schools are listed as well, at some of these sites.

If you’ve been thinking of an old best friend, a sports teammate, the kid you had a crush on in 10th grade, or the prettiest girl in the graduating class, go to some of these sites and register. You’ll be surprised who you see on the list and you must may decide to contact one of these people from your past. We all promised, once upon a time, to keep in touch, well, better late than never!

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