Finding out What Makes Your Life Unique

I am part Cherokee Indian and my background comes from the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s most of my family came from Ewing, Virginia where most of the Hatfield’s and McCoy are. My grandmother was a true Hatfield. I am not quite sure who I am related to as far as the McCoy’s; I haven’t researched that far yet. It’s not everyday you know a Hatfield.

The next thing that makes me different is the fact that I have traveled most of my life. I have see pigeon forge with the colorful flowers planted in the form of a butterfly. I love the fact it was so colorful and peaceful. I have been to Laughlin, Nevada where you can get steak and eggs for $1.99 at three in the morning and see thousands of machines rigged to give money or make you broke. Among all the lights and machines you travel elsewhere to see the beautiful scenery and different people of culture.
I have been an exotic dancer for five years on top of burying four of my relatives within six years; three which have been due to cancer and another which was due to being assaulted over the head with a chair by a crazy man that thought my uncle was the devil. All of which died right here in Nebraska. I never that people could get away with assault and not murder after a person died. I have always helped others and gave advice where needed. I help others cope as I have over the death of loved ones I would tell others of my experience with death and how I coped it has helped many in their time of need. This made me feel great.

I am unique because it is not everyday you find your related to the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. I have been through death among traveling the United States. You name it I have done it, well almost everything. Most people have not experienced this by age twenty nine but I have. Being unique is being you.

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