Finishing Touches And Repairs Around Your Home for Season’s End

It’s time to think about the repairs and finishing touches to your home before winter arrives. Since late summer and fall are the time for a project of this type it’s good to have a few quick ways to help the work go smoothly. With simple repairs, replacements and touches you can save yourself bigger expensive next year after the harshness of winter.

For the missing shingle from your old roof you can’t afford to replace this year, just cut a piece of heavy corrugated cardboard the same size as the shingle. Slip it into a self sealing freezer bag and slide it under the adjoining shingles for a temporary fix.

You can also cut a piece of plywood to the size of the missing shingle and cover completely with duct tape. Make sure there is no leakage to the wood. Slip the new plywood, duct tape covered shingle into place and wedge solidly. This will prevent water damage until you can repair the roof or look for a new shingle. You can also talk to friends and neighbor about shingles they are missing. Perhaps you can split the cost of a bundle without it costing one person too much.

If you find a hole in your vinyl siding after a storm you can make a quick repair with duct tape. Sometimes you can even match the color of your siding closely to color choice duct tape. Make sure the surrounding area on the siding is very clean and very dry. Then cover with strips of duct tape. Smooth all edges with your hand or a rolling pin. This type of repair can last up to 2 more seasons or one harsh season until a better repair is affordable.

You can clean that mildew off of your unfinished wooden patio furniture as well as your painted items with 1 cup of ammonia, �½ cup of vinegar, �¼ cup of baking soda in 1 gallon of water. After cleaning with a soft rag rinse the furniture thoroughly and dry with towels before winter storage.

For those who love the romance of a fireplace on a cold night, but hate the clean up in the cold light of day try lining your fireplace floor with a very heavy duty, doubled over aluminum foil. You can build the fire directly on top of it. The next day when it’s time to remove the ashes for the next romantic fire you just carefully fold up the sides of the foil and lift into a waiting garbage bag. Make sure the ashes are cooled before removal and any left over wood you still want to burn next time are placed to the side.

You are now ready to enjoy the coming winter and begin the real work of the holidays to come. But it’s ok, because your won’t be worrying about the patio furniture rusting, the roof getting a leak or being chocked with flying ashes from cleaning for hours on your fireplace. It’s time to relax and have a cup of coffee.

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