Fireplace Screens: Choosing the Right Screen for Your Hearth

Fireplace screens come in all styles and shapes, and although most are standard in size, they aren’t all standard in value and price. When shopping online or in your local home improvement or fireplace store, you’ll discover hearth screens to meet every budget and price range, and the options can boggle the mind. Instead of buying the first fireplace screen you find, take your time and shop around for screens that match your dÃ?©cor and personal style. The hearth screen you choose can change the entire look of your room, and if you go too cheap you might be forced to make another purchase.


Heavy iron or steel fireplace screens are the best choice, but this option isn’t always the cheapest. The benefits of buying a heavier fireplace screen definitely outweigh the disadvantages however and should be taken into consideration. Heavier fireplace screens are often equipped with heavier gauge mesh, and this is important if you want your fireplace screen to last. Heavier mesh is less likely to become dented or damaged, and it will generally last longer, look nicer, and perform better than lighter weight options.

Lightweight Metal

Fireplace screens made from lightweight metal are usually cheaper in price, but unfortunately the quality is usually cheaper as well. The mesh is usually lower gauge and more likely to dent. This doesn’t mean that lightweight metal hearth screens won’t do the job, but they won’t look as rich in appearance, and they may not perform as well.

I purchased a lightweight metal fireplace screen for my hearth, and it really doesn’t look bad, but I would have preferred something heavier if I wasn’t renting my home. Because I’m renting I didn’t want to invest much money in something I might not use at all in a few years or less. My lightweight fireplace screen with lower gauge mesh was already slightly dented when I purchased it. I noticed upon opening the box, but I chose to keep it since the dent is barely noticeable.


When looking for fireplace screens, consider your dÃ?©cor. You’ll find fireplace screens with fancy scrollwork and fireplace screens that are really very basic and modern in appearance. The style doesn’t always affect the price, so keep this in mind when deciding on a design.

In addition, you’ll find single hearth screens that are one solid piece and triple screens with hinges. Triple screens often have a latch and an opening that provides access to the fireplace without having to move the entire screen. This comes in very handy, and although the screen I chose is lightweight, it has the access door.

Included Tool Sets

If you don’t already have a fireplace tool set, it might be in your best interest to buy a hearth screen that comes with tools and a place to hang them directly on the front. This can save a considerable amount of money since tool sets are sometimes as expensive as the fireplace screens alone. Typical tool sets come with a stand, shovel, tongs, poker, and a broom. Hanging tools on the screen eliminates the need for a stand, and this can free up a little space. Whatever you decide, invest in quality tools so they don’t fall apart. The set I started with didn’t last, and it was money wasted since I ended up having to make a future purchase to replace the matching broom that fell apart.

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