First Screens of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Revealed

The most infamous developer in the videogame world, Rockstar Games, released a fresh batch of screenshots of their second PSP title, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Using the same engine as last year’s GTA: Liberty City Stories, VCS will revisit the 1980’s era version of Miami called Vice City featured in Grand Theft Auto’s fourth console iteration released in 2002. Rockstar Games has been under fire from outlets ranging from the US government and numerous family watchdog groups since Grand Theft Auto 3’s release in 2001 due to the game’s graphic portrayals of violent crime. Vice City Stories may fall under the radar of these groups when it is released this fall as Rockstar’s other controversy laden title Bully, which puts players in the shoes of a school bully and sets them loose on an open ended world similar to Grand Theft Auto’s, will hit stores at roughly the same time. The new screens can be seen over at gaming blog

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