Five Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Cookie Trays

The plastic trays that hold cookies inside of packaging can be reused and reinvented in at least five smart and creative ways. They have partitions that make them a valuable tool for organizing drawers, cabinets and more. They can also be openly used to hold all sorts of things that would otherwise end up scattered, misplaced or tucked away and lost. Use these resourceful ideas instead of throwing them out, and organize small items in your home or office. They can even be tinted and trimmed in eye-catching ways.

Organize Small Items in a Kitchen Drawer

You do not need a sectioned container made of hard plastic or wood to properly organize your kitchen drawers. Reuse plastic cookie trays. No matter how small they are, you can find a use for the versatile lightweight holders. They are ideal for storing corn holders, individually wrapped toothpicks and all sorts of small kitchen tools and gadgets. Unlike hard plastic or wood they can be cut to size with a pair of utility scissors.

Color and Decorate Clear Plastic Cookie Trays

If you plan to display your repurposed cookie trays, they do not have to be clear. Color the exterior of each one with permanent markers. The color will be visible on the inside as well. After the ink fully dries, attach lace or rickrack to the edges using hot glue. What was once considered disposable can be used to openly hold many other things in the bathroom, bedroom, entryway or any other room in the home or office.

Openly Store Beaded Jewelry

Do not invest in another jewelry box if you need more room for organizing and storing beaded jewelry. Use decorated plastic cookie trays. They are ideal for holding bracelets and chunky beaded necklaces that are not easily tangled. Instead of digging through a box or drawer, you will be able to find what you want at a glance.

Organize Your Sock Drawer

Socks become disorganized very quickly, especially if they are not properly folded or bundled in a storage cube or drawer. Deep plastic cookie trays can be used to organize your anklets or no-show socks. When bundled into a ball, they will fit perfectly in the slots. They can be organized by color or style. In any case they will be easy to find, and without having to dig.

Use it to Hold Small Office Supplies in a Drawer

If you have an office drawer filled with staples, file clips, pushpins, paper clips, rubber bands and writing instruments, more than likely they need to be organized. If they are loose in a drawer, eventually they will become a jumbled mess. If you do not want to invest in plastic, wire or wooden organizers especially for drawers, save plastic cookie trays. They might not last as long a more durable options, but they can easily be replaced.

Source: Advanced Crafting ad Green Living Experience

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