Five Practical Gas Saving Tips

In some cities across the country, gas prices are through the roof. Even though gas prices have remained somewhat steady over the pass few months, many analyst believe that a major crisis will result in gas prices rising $1 – $2. Naturally, drivers are seeking practical ways to save money and reduce their total fuel bill. Unfortunately, driving is unavoidable. We need gas in our cars to go to work, attend church, shop, and so forth. Yet, there are cheap and convenient ways to lower our gas bill.

Car Pool – Car pooling is likely one of the most effective ways to reduce your monthly gas bill. If a co-worker or friend lives in the neighborhood, consider sharing a ride during the morning commute. Furthermore, spouses could car pool. You can also establish a car pool arrangement for extracurricular activities and church services. Since the driving time is cut in half, you can expect a noticeable reduction in your total monthly fuel bill.

Combine Errands – If possible, limit the amount of time spent driving. Many companies have online bill pay. Take advantage of this option and avoid unnecessary driving to the post office and creditor locations. Moreover, make life simple and combine errands. Some people will drive to the grocery store, return home, and then leave again to pick up their dry cleaning and so forth. Too much back and forth is a guaranteed gas waster.

Trade-in the SUV – A SUV is an excellent vehicle. On the other hand, they are commonly referred to as gas guzzlers. On average, it costs about $60 – $70 to fill a sports utility vehicle. Drivers who fill up once a week will spend approximately $240 – $280 a month – ouch! Trading-in the sports utility vehicle for a mid-size car will cut your monthly fuel bill by half.

Choose Low Grade Gasoline – Some vehicles require premium. However, if your vehicle can function properly with low or mid-grade gasoline, select the cheaper gas. Even though a lower grade is only a few cents cheaper, the long term savings will add up.

Schedule a Tune-Up – Proper vehicle maintenance can improve gas mileage. For example, clogged or dirty air filters may reduce mileage by 10%. Furthermore, under inflated tires can reduce gas mileage by 3% – 5%. Have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic. If the check engine light comes on, have the car immediately checked. Engine problems may affect gas mileage.

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