Five Reasons You Should Love Those Snakes in Your Yard

Snakes are often feared, hated, and randomly killed in the world. Sometimes, when a deadly snake takes up residence in an area where people are it is necessary to kill snakes. Most often, however, snakes are killed due to the fact that they are snakes. Here are five reasons to think twice about killing that random non-venomous snake around the house.

Reason To Love Snakes Number One

Snakes control the vermin population. Without snakes, we would be overwhelmed by rats, mice, and other disease ridden pests. Snakes eat an incredible number of vermin and are largely doing you a huge favor. What is worse? A snake that can not harm you or rats and mice that reproduce faster than you can kill them? Think about it.

Reason To Love Snakes Number Two

Snakes are largely shy and will do everything in their power to avoid human contact. If you get bit by a snake, it is likely because you did something silly. Sometimes people are bitten by accident, but usually it is because they messed with the snake.

Reason To Love Snakes Number Three

Snakes are one of the most important parts of the food chain. Not only do they keep vermin in check, but the vermin keep other species in check as well. This continues right down the line to the insects. Insect infestations are also quite possible if you eliminate snakes because it has a trickle down effect. Do not mess with nature and the food chain.

Reason To Love Snakes Number Four

Many non-venomous snakes eat the venomous snakes. By killing a snake that can not harm you, you may be opening the door to other species of snakes that can.

Reason To Love Snakes Number Five

If you own a garden, snakes keep your garden pest free. Rabbits, squirrels, and other mammals love to munch on your vegetables, and snakes like to munch on the mammals. Keep that built in natural exterminator!

Generally, you have nothing to fear from snakes. This is especially true if you live in the United States. Only four species of snakes are dangerous in The United States. They are the copperhead, the rattlesnake (several species) the cottonmouth, and the coral snake.

Non-venomous snakes are harmless and will not bite you unless you surprise them or handle them. Generally, these snakes are very helpful to have around your yard and they are filling a need for the natural order of things in nature. Think twice before killing that non-venomous snake next time!

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