Five Secrets Webmasters Don’t Want You to Know About Websites

Secret 1: You Don’t Need To Know XHTML, JavaScript, XML, & Millions Of Other Brain Bursting Mark-ups To Build A Money Making Website.

The average Web Geek loves to hunt for phrases. When he finds one he likes, he rips off the first letter of each word. Then he glues his defenseless letters together like a jittery kindergartener trying to make a paper chain caterpillar. The result? A sticky mess.

When was the last time you used MS word? Did you write any SGML? You might not even know what SGML is. But that didn’t stop you writing your letter, Memo, or e-mail. Well, the Web has evolved along the same lines. First, there are tons of What You See Is What You Get Editors such as Dreamweaver MX that allow you to build Webpages with the ease of point and click. Graphics, layouts, and all the other bells and whistles come prepackaged. There are also ways to get them for FREE see Secret 2. Second, there are a lot of one stop Web Depots. Go Daddy, for instance, lets you do it all. You can register a domain name, get web hosting, and build a website in the same day! They even help you promote your site and offer white-hot affiliate programs.

Secret 2: Web Design Is So Easy It’s a Joke.

That’s right. You don’t need a Masters of Fine Arts or degree in Computer Science to design a Website. True, there is no shortage of hideous and impossible to use Webpages-all of them designed by MFAs & Computer Scientists no doubt. But Web Design isn’t that complicated. If you’re links work, you’re pages are legible, and your site isn’t bloated with meaningless words and dancing bananas, there’s nothing to it. If you must have spinning mailboxes and the like, there are millions of FREE clipart depots. In the same vein, you can download templates for FREE from sites such as . These sites offer lots of beautiful designs and layouts with easy-to-follow instructions. As for other, more complex, images, features ROYALTY FREE photos, video clips, and the like.

Secret 3: A Galactically Fantastic Website Won’t Make You Millions Overnight.

That it will make millions is the bait Webmasters use the most. They get you excited about hiring them, tricking you into thinking that their expensive, custom designs will make you money. But think about it for movement. You can have the eye-poppingest site in the universe with Cancer Curing Copy but if no one knows about it, what’s the point? And even if they do know about it if you aren’t selling a product or involved in an affiliate program, your time and energy are wasted. Again, that’s why places such as Go Daddy are so great. They help promote your site and they have great affiliate programs.

Secret 4: Content Isn’t King.

Awareness is King, Content is Queen. Your Queen may help you draw visitors, but she’s worthless if you’re not selling products or if you’re involved with lame affiliates who spam your visitors. Her majesty’s content isn’t enough. People have to know about your Royal Highness. So, unless you promote your Queen, she can’t confer her blessings. How do you promote her? That’s the subject of “10 Ways to Give Your Queen Her Proper Raking”.

Secret 5: The Best Things Online Are FREE.

That’s right. You don’t need more bucks than a bull at a prison rodeo to get online. These days, Hosting is so cheap you practically get paid for it. Sites such as http://www.doteasy.com and many more offer FREE hosting. For a few dollars a month, they will remove banner ads. Don’t want to do that. Fine. Why don’t you make money selling you’re hosting? Yes, you can do it. And you only pay as much as you if you just bought regular hosting. How? That URL alone can make you thousands!

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