Five Things that Will Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

1. An Oster Automatic Egg Cooker makes kitchen life easy.
When you’re running around in the morning trying to get ready to get out the door, a high protein breakfast may seem like a luxury you can’t afford. But the Oster Automatic Egg Cooker can change all that. Grab some eggs, pierce the shell with the included needle, fill the machine with water to the desired level, and put the eggs in the tray. Then you just set it, and forget it. While you get dressed, the Oster Automatic Egg cooker does all the cooking, and shuts itself off when the eggs are done. It’ll run you about $30 and it’ll be the best $30 you ever spent.

2. Microwave Lid Cove makes kitchen life easyr.
Who has time to clean up spills, splatters and explosions in the microwave? Cover your plates with these handy plastic covers, and save yourself time and effort. Microwave covers warm your food evenly, and the vents help release moisture so that your dinner isn’t soggy. The cost of two microwave lid covers? $5. Not having to scrub the roof of your microwave ever again? Priceless.

3. Saran Quick Coversmakes kitchen life easy.
Sometimes, you just don’t want to fight with cling-wrap. You’re never sure how much to pull off the roll, it doesn’t always cut quickly and evenly, and then it starts sticking to itself and to you before you even get it over your food. What you really want is the more reliable seal of a plastic lid without the bulk and storage hassle of Tupperware. Saran Quick Covers offer the perfect solution. Shaped like shower-caps in various sizes, they stretch over the top of your bowls and seal with an elastic band. They’re especially handy for unusual shapes and sizes. Got a half-a-melon that you want to keep fresh? Don’t bother trying to find the one plastic container that might fit it-just stretch a Saran Quick Cover over the top and go about your business. Rinse them and use them again.

4. Pre-Peeled Garlic makes kitchen life easy.
Nothing can slow you down in the kitchen like having to peel a bunch of garlic for a recipe. Luckily, you don’t have to. Pre-peeled garlic sold in jars or individual packets are now available at BJ’s Wholesale Club. You can also find it at your local Asian Market. And if you’re lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s nearby, you can buy frozen garlic cubes, which are not only peeled, but chopped for you as well, then flash frozen for your convenience.

5. Prepared Rice makes kitchen life easy
Nevermind co-called Minute Rice. Nevermind those microwavable rice dishes by Uncle Ben’s. Get yourself some pre-prepared rice dishes that you can store in the pantry in their sealed plastic pouches. They are completely cooked. Just cut the top edge off, microwave for 90 seconds, and voila. Instant meal. They’re perfect to have on hand for those nights when you need a last minute side dish and can’t think of what to prepare. You’ll find them in the supermarket in the rice aisle. If you don’t like the prices you find there, go ahead and prepare your rice dishes in advance, then freeze them in individual bags-rice that isn’t stored in liquid freezes admirably, and can save you time after work.

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