The Best Buffet Restaurants in Northeast Indiana

Northeast Indiana offers numerous restaurants that serve a wide variety of delicious foods that appeal to all tastes and preferences. Many of these really good restaurants are buffet style restaurants, and these great buffet restaurants in Northeast Indiana present some of the best restaurant food in the Northeast Indiana region. Northeast Indiana buffet style restaurants offer something for everyone, and even finicky eaters will enjoy the selection and quality of buffet foods available.

Buffets in Northeast Indiana are becoming more and more popular, and it is no wonder why. Restaurant connoisseurs in Northeast Indiana can eat a wide variety of foods at a buffet for one price, and the price of a meal at a Northeast Indiana buffet restaurant is often lower than a typical menu style restaurant. The ability to help yourself to the food you want for a predetermined price is fantastic, and many people are taking advantage of the delectable variety of foods available at Northeast Indiana buffets. Restaurant owners are discovering that customers prefer the variety buffets have to offer, and they are cashing in on this smart marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that not all buffet restaurants in Northeast Indiana offer the best quality buffet foods in a pleasant dining environment. Some buffet restaurants in Northeast Indiana have overcrowded dining areas because they try to use every bit of available space for patron seating. Buffet restaurants of this type place rows of tables so close together that customer privacy is nonexistent. These types of buffet restaurants seem to “corral” large numbers of patrons, but the food isn’t always topnotch in quality or taste. Use your own judgement when searching for good buffet restaurants in Northeast Indiana. Cleanliness, comfort, and quality are the three main characteristics to look for when seeking a good buffet restaurant.

Fire Mountain Buffet Restaurant

One of the most impressive buffet restaurants in Northeast Indiana is Fire Mountain. Formerly known as Ryan’s, which was located in the city of Fort Wayne, Fire Mountain has an unbelievable spread that is so extensive it’s almost overwhelming at first glance. Fire Mountain is located at 1411 Shook Drive in Auburn, right off state route eight behind Cracker Barrel Restaurant and near Home Depot. When you step into Fire Mountain Restaurant in Auburn Indiana, you will be thrilled and amazed at the quantity and appearance of the food available.

Fire Mountain has so much food to offer on their extensive mega buffet, people are often unable to try everything they want before becoming too full. Those who want to sample all the food at Fire Mountain will need to come back a second or third time.

Fire Mountain has a mouth-watering buffet that offers almost every topping you could want to create a fresh garden salad, cold salads of many kinds including pasta salad, potato salad, and seafood salad, and several varieties of fresh fruit.

Another section of the buffet at Fire Mountain restaurant offers fish, seafood, chicken, meatballs, numerous vegetable dishes, side dishes, entrees, meat loaf, pasta, and much more. Foods on the buffet change each day, but be assured there is something for everyone.

Fire Mountain also has an open grill where restaurant patrons can request freshly grilled burgers, fish, pork chops, chicken, ribs, and tender juicy steaks. Chefs grill chosen foods to perfection right before the eyes of restaurant patrons.

The dessert bar at Fire Mountain is also incredible. The dessert buffet has home-style fruit pies, brownies, numerous cakes, rich creamy pudding, and much more. A dessert buffet wouldn’t be a buffet without ice cream. Fire Mountain also offers deliciously creamy soft-serve ice cream with numerous toppings including nuts, fresh whipped cream, and various types of candy.

The buffet prices at Fire Mountain are reasonable considering the large selection and quality of the food offered. Since prices are subject to change, it’s best to call 260-920-1170 for current pricing and additional information.

Back 40 Junction

The Back 40 Junction located at 1011 N. 13th in Decatur Indiana is exceptional. This buffet is unique in every sense of the word. The Back 40 Junction is designed to look like an old train station complete with an antique train car and antique memorabilia. The ambiance of this unique restaurant adds character as well as appeal to the fantastic food they serve.

The food at Back 40 Junction in Decatur is very much like homemade food but actually better than typical home style dishes. The food at this excellent Northeast Indiana buffet would give grandma a run for her money. The day I ate at Back 40 Junction they offered succulent ham, tender roast beef, crispy fried chicken, delicately seasoned baby carrots, and creamy macaroni and cheese. This was only some of the delicious hot food offered on the buffet. Back 40 Junction also offers an extensive salad bar with every kind of dressing and salad toppings imaginable as well as cold salads and fresh fruit. They also offer several types of cheese along with crispy crackers.

Desserts at Back 40 Junction are some of the best in Northeast Indiana. They offer hand dipped ice cream in a number of specialty flavors. Back 40 Junction also offers mouth-watering pies and moist and delicious cakes. This is only a sampling of what this Northeast Indiana buffet restaurant has to offer. Back 40 Junction is definitely one of my favorites, and is sure to be the favorite buffet restaurant of many people in Northeast Indiana and surrounding areas.

Call Back 40 Junction at 260-724-3355 to check current buffet prices and find out the buffet foods currently being offered. This Northeast Indiana buffet restaurant is definitely one you’ll want to try.

Oriental Buffet

The name “Oriental Buffet” shouldn’t scare away those who aren’t particularly fond of Oriental food. This Northeast Indiana buffet restaurant, located at 561 North Line Street right off U.S. 30 in Columbia City, has a large selection of food that will appeal to all tastes. Oriental Buffet offers delicious breaded chicken wings, deep-fried pieces of boneless breaded chicken, boneless broiled pork, fish, shrimp scampi, deep-fried shrimp, onion rings, deep-fried mushrooms, numerous toppings for salads, fresh fruit, and much more.

Also available are many delicious Oriental dishes such as crab rangoon, cashew chicken, Oriental vegetables, sushi, honey chicken, sesame chicken, General Tso chicken, egg drop soup, fried rice, white rice, Oriental noodles, and several other delicious and flavorful entrees.

Desserts at Oriental Buffet aren’t as extensive as many American buffet restaurants. Most Oriental restaurants don’t specialize in desserts. Although desserts offered are good, they aren’t as sweet and rich as typical American desserts. Oriental Buffet does however offer soft-serve ice cream with a few topping choices. This is usually sufficient to satisfy the sweet tooth of most patrons – if they have room after eating the main course. If anyone is still hungry after dining at Oriental Buffet, it is surely their own fault.

The prices at Oriental Buffet are exceptional, especially considering the cost of foods such as shrimp. It’s actually much cheaper to eat shrimp at Oriental Buffet than buying shrimp from a grocery store. This isn’t even considering the time and effort necessary for preparation. Call 260-248-2833 to find out current prices and additional information on foods available at this exceptional Northeast Indiana buffet.

Everything including tables, the buffet area, utensils, and cups at Oriental Buffet appear to be very clean. The washrooms also seem well cared for and sanitary. Soap in washrooms is a very important observation because public washrooms are quite often the same washrooms employees use. If soap isn’t available, proper hand washing may not be taking place. My own observations indicate that Oriental Buffet is a very clean establishment as are all the Northeast Indiana buffet restaurants I’m endorsing.

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