Five Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Contractor for Your Home

Renovating or remodeling your home is a big investment but very rewarding. If you choose to work with a contractor you should be prepared for the drawbacks and the added expense that comes with remodeling.

As a homeowner, if you are prepared ahead of time you can make the renovating journey effortless and make working with your contractor a breeze.

Here are five tips to consider when working with a contractor:

  • Verify the contractor’s license. Find out if your county requires a contractor to be licensed and make sure that his/her license is not expired.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau and verify that there are no complaints associated with the contractor. Take the time to research the company online as it might help to avoid a bad experience later on.
  • Compare bids from different contractors; obtain at least three written bids.
  • Make the contractor responsible for obtaining building permits.
  • Obtain a written contract from the contractor showing a start and completion date of the project and a detailed list of purchases.

Remodeling a home and working with a contractor takes a lot patience and cooperation, but following the above tips will get you on the path to success.

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