Flowers for a Pink Flower Garden

People often buy plants from garden centers or discount stores without considering what colors the flowers will be when the plants bloom. They end up with a rainbow of flower colors that are pretty, but the colors really don’t compliment each other. If you want your garden to look well planned, consider choosing colors that go well together. Why not consider planting a pink flower garden offset by white flowers? Pink flowers are simply beautiful, and there are many shades of pink flowers to choose from. A flower garden that’s primarily pink is very eye-catching, and pink flowers are some of the prettiest flowers offered by nature. Plant a pink flower garden offset by white flowers, and those who admire your garden will be tickled pink! The following pink flowers are suitable for most heartiness zones in the United States.

Pink Carpet Phlox

Have you ever noticed mounds of tiny pink flowers growing on hillsides in mid spring and wondered what they were? Chances are the pink flowers in question were pink carpet phlox. This pink flowering plant is considered a groundcover, and it’s perfect for hard-to-care for hillsides where the soil is low in quality. Pink carpet phlox is also a great addition to a rock garden. Pink carpet phlox reaches a maximum height of about six inches, and it spreads profusely with a minimal amount of care. Consider pink carpet phlox in zones three through nine. It’s a beautiful addition to hillside gardens, rock gardens, and anywhere you want beautiful pink flowering groundcover.

New England Aster

Asters are dainty looking flowers with beautiful fringe-like petals. They are prolific growers, and New England asters are a wonderful addition to a pink flower garden. New England asters bloom late in the season right up until the first hard frost, and they are exceptionally hardy. These pink gems reach a maximum height of approximately six feet. This beautiful plant looks amazing when it reaches a height of six feet and is filled with beautiful pink flowers! Consider planting New England asters in zones three through nine. This pink beauty will become one of your favorite plants in your pink flower garden.

Pink Canterbury Bells

The pink bell-shaped flowers of this showy plant are truly unique, and they are wonderful to grow in a pink flower garden as a border or as a backdrop for lower growing plants such as creamy white lily-of-the-valley. Pink Canterbury bells reach a maximum height of approximately four feet, and they are best suited for zones four through nine. Pink Canterbury bells will provide beautiful pink blooms from later spring to the early weeks of summer. This pink flowering plant is a top choice for a pink flower garden.

Pink Coneflower

If you love daisies, you’ll love coneflowers. Pink coneflowers resemble daisies, and these pink flowers are exceptionally pretty. The center of the pink coneflower is deep burgundy, and it blooms from the middle of summer to the start of fall. The petals are a beautiful shade of pink, and they reach a maximum height of approximately four feet. Pink coneflowers grow best in sunny locations in zones three through eight. Consider this charming pink flower for your pink flower garden. It tolerates drought, and it’s relatively easy to care for.

Pink Mist Scabiosa

This frilly pink fragrant flower was originally bred in Ireland, and it would make a wonderful addition to a pink flower garden. Pink mist scabiosa reaches a maximum height and width of approximately one foot. The beautiful pink blooms attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and it is best suited for zones three through nine. This hardy pink flower is one of the most beautiful choices for a pink flower garden, and it will produce lovely pink blooms for years to come.

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