How to Get Rid Of Bugs on Mint Plant

Mint plants are easy to grow and even easier to protect from pests. They in fact themselves protect against all bugs and pets, and only a few of them bother the plant. Some of the pests that attack mint plants are whiteflies, aphids, thrips and spider mites. You can get rid of them with some basic anti-bug spray. However, you should regularly inspect the plant to make sure bugs do not return. Pests do not attack at once, but gradually and repeatedly. Also, make sure you do not damage the plant, which is possible in case of chemical use.


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    Sticky Traps

    You can use yellow sticky trans or beneficial traps to prevent mint plants from bugs. This is the best possible way to protect the plants from an attack before it actually happens. It is a lot easier to manage the bugs control, which in case of outbreak becomes very difficult indeed.

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    Natural Pest Control

    Use natural pest control methods to control the pests or bugs outbreak. Use of chemical in pesticide is not recommended as it poses a considerable amount of risk to the plant itself. You can use pesticides, which are free of chemicals to spray the plant. Also, control the spray amount, do not spray heavily at once, but spray in intervals and monitor progress in control of the attack.

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    Insecticide Soap

    In case of a bug outbreak, you can spray insecticidal soap to get quicker results. Try to keep the solution at a lower level, as if you make the solution too strong it can burn the leaves of the plant. Also, it is better that you spray the solution first on a couple of leaves before spraying on the entire plant. If you see that the leaves are burnt, reduce the solution and then spray on the entire plant.

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    Strong Stream of Water

    Use strong stream of water to blast the spider mite bugs off the mint plant leaves. They can be easily removed from the plants leaves, since being tiny red bugs. Make sure they do not return on the leaves, and for this a regular inspection of the plants is necessary. Also, make sure that too much water is not stored in the plants, as it can destroy it in the roots and it can damage the colour of the leaves.

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    Routine Spray and Inspection

    You should spray the mint plant regularly even without attack and outbreak of bugs. Also, you should inspect the plant at least once a week so that you are aware of any changes in the condition of leaves.

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