Create a Winter Wonderland in Your Front Yard

Winter is such a cold but pretty time of year. You do not have to do much to make your yard look wonderful. There are some things you need to buy but nothing too expensive. I like to decorate my windows with fake snow spray and reusable stickers. I like to decorate for Christmas because it gets me in the spirit and my kids too.

If we did not decorate than it would not feel like Christmas. Some great ways to decorate your yard to make it look fun and wonderful is to get food coloring and mix it with water and spray your yard. Another great way is to add miniatures trees with lights up. Many stores sell great light sculptures for the holidays.

I have in my yard a blown up Santa and a few reindeers that have lights into them. My yard without them would look boring. Adding lights and icing trim around your home looks beautiful. You can add candy canes to your driveway and wreaths around your windows. There is so much to decorate at this time of year. Many people do not have time or want to bother decorating. I think if this is one time to decorate than you should. It is Christmas and a beautiful time of the year.

Build a snow family and have everyone decorate them with carrots and hats. Make a mom and dad and add some children to it. This would be something worth driving by your home for. Add some bears or moose sculptures near your trees or bushes outside. This gives it a nature look. Add bubbles and foot prints of bear tracks. Christmas is a time for giving and sharing stories. It goes back hundred years ago. I love reading and watching old fashion movies about Christmas.

The Christmas tree is believed to originated in Germany. The people there would decorate a “Paradise Tree” on Christmas. Christmas time is the colors of green, red, white and silver. Remember to add a nativity set to your home indoor or outdoor. Add a touch of Christmas to your front yard this year.

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