Forgotten Knowledge

Believe in him
the man up above
Embrace one another
show brotherly love
Life is a vacation never
knowing how long our stay
More reason to thank him
for allowing us another day
Because it is he who decides
the outcome of civilization
A beautiful entity
of human creation
Believe in his beauty
place nothing above him
Although he is invisible
the miracles are astounding
Invincible and fearless
of that we are not
A simple reminder
many has forgot
His pain and suffering
so we could be free
He submitted his life
and for that he is king
When the rain is pounding
and thunder is rolling
He is angry at the world
for simply ignoring
The rules of life
the Ten Commandments
Nobody complies that is
why sin has run rampant
God is our savior
say it with pride
For the day will come
when he will again rise.
Copyright �© 2003 G. Marlena Joslyn

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