Four Ways to Add Flavor to Shredded Hash Browns

Not all pan-fried potatoes are the same. On the contrary, some are more flavorful than others. Those that taste better include delicious toppings, stir-ins and spices other than the usual salt and black pepper. Hash browns are versatile, and the variations are as limitless as the dishes that they can accompany. Try the following four ways to add flavor to shredded spuds, and serve something different for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Add Crisp Crumbled Bacon

Bacon tastes great with hash browns, but it does not have to be served on the side. Fry or microwave hickory-smoked bacon until it is crispy. After it cools to the touch, break it into bits. Mix the bacon bits with the raw shredded hash browns, and fry them in an iron or non-stick skillet until they are evenly browned. Serve them with your favorite eggs and fresh fruit for a complete and satisfying meal.

Top Plain Hash Browns with Sour Cream and Chives

Potatoes are great with sour cream and chives, and hash browns are no exception. After preparing shredded spuds, top them with sour cream and fresh or dehydrated chives. As the photo shows, they look absolutely delicious. Just thinking about the cool and slightly sour topping will make your mouth water with anticipation. The flavor is phenomenal, and they can be served as a filling side dish.

Add Finely Diced White Onions and Sweet Bell Peppers

Do you like onions? Enhance the flavor of ordinary hash browns by adding finely diced sweet white onions. Fry the potatoes long enough to brown them and soften the onions. The flavor of the onions will meld with the spuds, and they will taste terrific. Add even more flavor and color with sweet bell peppers. Finely dice them and they will also soften and flavor the hash browns as they are fried.

Mix in Diced Ham and Top It with Processed American Cheese

Ham, cheese and potatoes are a delicious combination. To improve the flavor of plain hash browns, add a generous amount of diced cooked ham. Fry them until they are golden brown. Top them with shredded processed American cheese. It will melt and ooze in between the crisp shreds of potato and the cubed bits of ham. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix in plenty of meat and veggies, and the dish can be enjoyed as a complete and satisfying meal.

Source: Food Preparation Experience and Experimentation

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