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I fulfilled a promise I made to myself, to start my first company, before I was 30 years old. While starting my company I realized I needed more marketing and business knowledge. The answer to my problem was on the web. I found business courses, marketing courses, and lots more, offered free of charge.

Some accredited universities are offering free access to their courses. Universities are managing to break-down education barriers by providing their courses’ assignments, quizzes, syllabi, and tests. Free courses are ineligible for college credits. What can I expect for free? I got college level information that normally costs thousands of dollars. I learned a lot, and saved a bundle.

MIT, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), University of Texas at Austin, and Brigham Young University are a few of the universities offering access to their classrooms free. MIT admits the public into 1400 of their courses on the web gratis. University of Texas at Austin is a portal linking to hundreds of courses they offer, and courses offered at other universities. Brigham Young has a small free class offering. Nevertheless, the classes are informative.

Websites, companies, and individuals also are online sharing their knowledge without charge. My experience with free learning began at About University ( About U is offered through the website. covers subjects under the direction of guides. Guides are experts in the subject, providing lessons that are condensed, and easy to follow.

I have learned html, research methods, and the business information needed to start my company. There are no applications, financial aid forms, and no waiting. My confidence tripled. Here is a list of free course websites to get started:

-About U
-Free and Affordable Distance Education
-Small Business Association
-LearnThat http://www.learnthatcom/
-Barnes and Noble
-University of Texas at Austin
-Hewlett Packard
-Washington University
-Brigham Young University
-Business Week http://www.bwcoursescom/

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