Step Up Your Tennis Game with the Amazing Instruction from Dunwoody’s Tennis School

Tennis is an amazingly difficult sport to master. One must be in-tune with their body and mind in order to have even minor success with this sport. So what does it take to become the next tennis all star? Certainly there is a level of natural talent that is needed, as well as the mental drive to keep focused during the long and hot days on the tennis court, but along with the above, one must receive amazing training from an even more amazing instructor. But where should you go and find this instructor? I have reviewed one of the best tennis studios in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, and have found that this place is truly one-of-a-kind. Because lets face it, without good training, you’re just another hopeful in and a sea full of wanna-be’s.

The Tennis studio in which you absolutely must take lessons from is the Dunwoody’s Tennis School. Here you will receive top training from Ty Fuller who has spent the past forty years of his life teaching individuals the wondrous skills and techniques this sport has to offer. Ty Fuller has also developed many new types of tennis instruction such as Tennis to Music which takes the drudgery of practicing out of the picture. Tennis to Music initializes the one-of-a-kind teaching method, which was developed by Ty Fuller, the Tennis Eu-Ryth-Mics. This unique approach is the primary thrust of this program, it basically breakdowns the mechanics of the tennis strokes into rhythmical movements.

Along with Ty Fullers unique and groundbreaking types of training, tennis players will absolutely grow beyond their wildest imaginations. Dunwoody’s Tennis School offers a wide range of classes from Adult Academics of Tennis, Private to Semi-Private Tennis Instruction, Tennis for Tykes, Week Long Summer Classes, and Parent/Child Classes. Ty Fuller is the main instructor for all of the classes offered at Dunwoody’s Tennis School, so you the student are absolutely guaranteed a lesson that will expand your skills and techniques as a tennis player.

Dunwoody’s Tennis School offers classes strictly for adults. They offer quality instruction by a certified tennis professional, emphasis on personal attention, and discounted programs in which will help you learn faster. If you are trying tennis as a form of weight-control rest assured that this sport will burn more calories in one hour (493) than one hour of weightlifting (422), one hour of stationary biking (387), or one hour of low-impact aerobics (352). [Information gathered from Medicine in Science Study 2001]. So tennis is the perfect activity that will keep your waist line small and your skill level large.

The innovative Tennis for Tykes class is a unique program that will help your child grow in coordination and also help raise their self-esteem. And all of this is done through the physical activity and professional touch of tennis lessons. All of the lessons for Tennis for Tykes are individualized for the child (which classes start for children aged three years and up), they offer grounded training with a fun environment, as well as a lot of patience. So no matter what your age is, Dunwoody’s Tennis School will have you learning on the court and growing as a player from day one!


Dunwoody Tennis School
1165 Spalding Drive
Atlanta, GA 30350
Telephone: 770-394-0387
Fax: 770-394-7976

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