How to Get Good Grades without Studying Too Much

Studying can be a mammoth task for people who have a lot going on in their lives. Going out with friends, hanging out in the hood, playing football/basketball/cricket/tennis and just chilling out can be a very big influence on your personality as a student so most youngsters prefer spending their time doing these activities rather than becoming nerds. Even if you are a backbencher and slack when it’s time to study, that does not mean that you cannot get good grades.

If you follow a few basic tactics, you will get good grades despite not studying much.


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    The first thing that you need to do in order to stay cool, not study and still get good grades, is to spend just a few minutes with those nerds that you have in your class. Although these ‘creatures’ are not of your type, they have all the notes and are always willing to help others out. So nice of them! However, make sure that you define the limits of your relationship with them. They are here to only help you with the notes, not to crash late night parties with you.

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    Now that you have a nerd at your disposal, you need to get in the good books of your teachers. Even if the teachers are not worth your time or that you can’t bear standing with them for more than five minutes, you have to talk to them and show them that despite being a backbencher, you have what it takes to stomp the yard. If the teacher likes you and asks you for some favour, don’t back out. Use it to your advantage in a cunning manner. If you do that, you can be guaranteed good grades.

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    If your exams are upon you, make sure that you have collected all the notes that you have. Grab your mates and go to the nerd’s place. However, make sure that you take something nice to eat so that the poor bloke does not get the feeling that you are just using him. Ask him to help you out and he will be able to get his message across even if you or your friends have thick skulls.

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    In the morning, try to make outlines of everything you have studied as it will help you give the paper easily. Sitting arrangement also matters a lot so it’s better that you sit near a nerd so that you are able to see what he’s writing during examination.

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