Free Online Educational Materials for Teachers and for Homeschool Teachers

As a teacher your curriculum and teaching materials have probably been impacted by cuts in funding. If you would like to improve the relevancy of the lessons that you are presenting to your students then you may want to supplement your regular lesson plans with materials offered online. These materials are free, they can be easily downloaded, and they offer up-to-date information instead of dated print materials. If you are interested in finding free educational materials to supplement your teaching, then you may want to check out the follow websites.

Free Online Educational Materials for Teachers Site Number One – The Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Site

The Federal Resources for Educational Excellence site is a federally funded website that offers teachers the opportunity to download up-to-date lessons plans, multimedia presentations, worksheets, activities, and news reports in a variety of subjects. This site covers the arts, educational technology, foreign languages, health and safety, math, the language arts, physical education, science, social studies, and even vocational education. In addition to hosting a wide variety of lesson plans on various topics, they also promote a daily educational feature that teachers can use to liven up their daily teaching routine.

The material contained on this site is top quality. It was put together by respected agencies and organization such as the Department of Energy, the Advisory Council of Historic Preservation, and the Bureau of Land Management, just to name a few. So if you are looking for general educational information to supplement a teaching module, or if you are looking for materials on a special topic like Black History Month, the Lewis and Clark Journey, or the U.S. Constitution, then you should definitely check out this site to see what it has to offer. You can find it at

Free Online Educational Materials for Teachers Site Number Two – School Express

School Express is another great educational site that offers teachers free materials that can supplement and round out their curriculum. This site is located at and it offers teachers and educators free eNewsletters, free worksheets, and free fun time activities. If you want to expand your School Express membership to a paid membership then you will also gain access to over 500 eWorkbooks and 165 Thematic Units. For more information about this website, you will need to visit it to see if it has educational materials that your students will benefit from. You can also request materials.

Free Online Educational Materials for Teachers Site Number Three – The California Geological Survey

If you are looking for educational materials for an earth science lecture or unit then you may want to check out the California Geological Survey’s website. Their Kids GeoZone offers a lot of great educational materials that you can download to supplement your curriculum and lectures. This site offers CGS Notes which answer commonly asked geological questions, it offers Teacher Feature column, and it offers a Teacher Resource Center. Some of the topics that you can download include: California Has Its Faults, Earthquake Legends Throughout the World, Fabulous Facts About Mineral Resources, Southern California Museums, Northern California Museums, Nicaragua’s Cerra Negro Stratovolcano, and Fossil Finds in the Los Angeles Subway. To find these materials you will need to go to the following website:

How to Get Free Lessons Plans That You Need

If you are having difficulties finding a lesson plan or you would like free educational materials that support a particular them, then please post your requests below and I will do the searching for you and post the link on this site.

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