Free Screening for Political Movie

A film has gotten quite a following by the local environmental activist community in Texas.

On Oct. 1st another free screening of “Kilowatt Ours: A Plan To Re-Energize America” will be held at 7 p.m. at 1919 Hemphill Street in Fort Worth. The movie is open to the public and is considered a timely, must-see film, especially in light of the many proposed, dirty coal-fired power plants being expedited by Governor Rick Perry, says Wendy Hammond of the Blue Skies Alliance.

A Sept. 11th screening was held at the Angelika Theater in Dallas and people were encourage to be eco-friendly arriving by carpool or light rail. The theater was chosen for the screening location in Dallas because of its easy access by the city’s rail system.

“Every day we hear frightening news about global warming, air pollution, more proposed dirty power plants, mountain top coal removal, mercury contamination, and other perils to our world, which leaves us asking, Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½What can I do to make a difference?'” said Hammond. “Kilowatt Ours provides a hopeful look, full of solutions to the many problems, showing how energy efficiency and renewable power can help and how we can improve our quality of life. This acclaimed film demonstrates clean, affordable, practical ways to meet our energy needs that don’t threaten public health.”

Hammond describes the film as “an amazing documentary that traces the wires from our light switches to power sources, revealing how electricity is generated, including its dark, dirty side, something few people think about.”

“It is critical however, for individuals, businesses, and public policy makers, to start thinking about how we use and create electricity and what the positive and negatives impacts are of our choices and actions,” Hammond stated. “The film opens with Vice-President Dick Cheney’s energy policy speech in which he makes the claim that America needs nearly 1,900 new power plants in the next 20 years to meet projected electricity demands. From here, filmmaker Jeff Barrie takes viewers on a journey from the coal mines of West Virginia to the solar panel fields of Florida, as he discovers solutions to America’s energy related problems.”

Hammond said the film provides practical ideas for consumers to lower their energy bills, showcasing successful examples of homes, businesses, and schools that are saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars annually on their energy bills through home improvements and performance contracting.

The film’s sponsors who Hammond said are spreading the message that efficiency and conservation are the cleanest and most cost-effective sources of new energy for Texas, and that tapping our vast renewable reserves will benefit our economy and environment are: SEED Coalition, Public Citizen, Environmental Defense, Meridian Energy Systems, Blue Skies Alliance, Sierra Club, Texas Campaign for the Environment, Renewable Choice Energy, Mothers for Clean Air, and Clean Water Action among others.

The film has also screened in Austin and Waco among other cities in Texas.

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