GE Energy Smart Bulbs: Good for the Environment, Great for Saving You Cash!

A lot has been said in the past few years about global warming. Emissions that are destroying our atmosphere are at an all time high, the polar icecaps are melting and our planet is undergoing very extreme environmental changes. People are looking at ways to help the environment, and one has surfaced in the form of a light bulb. The General Electric company, GE, has come out with new light bulb that lasts up to five years, and will save you money as well as help the environment.

The GE Energy Smart bulbs are an amazing new innovation that GE has come out with. They have manufactured light bulbs that are inexpensive, and practical. These new lights are funny shaped, like a spiral rather then a regular round bulb, but take no extra effort to install. This means that you can pick them up and install them right from the box. They just screw in like any normal bulb, meaning fast and easy installation that anyone can perform.

The new bulbs will be saving you a lot of energy, and that equals a lot of money saved. A 20 watt bulb will translate into the light given off by a 75 watt regular bulb. What this means is that on average you will be saving 44$ a year by switching from a regular 75 watt bulb to a new GE Energy Smart bulb. 44$ a year in savings times the number of bulbs you replace, imagine replacing 10 bulbs in your house, and that’s a savings of 440$ per year.

Now saving money is great, but while getting some extra savings you will also be helping save the Earth. These new bulbs use a lot less energy, and so they will be drawing less power from coal driven power plants resulting in overall less burning of fossil fuels and thus we have less emissions. So changing out your current bulbs for GE Energy Saving Bulbs will be one small step in the right direction to helping clean up our environment.

In case you get confused or don’t know how to convert the wattage, the instructions are there on the box, translating how much wattage you need to get the same amount of light. GE Energy Saving Bulbs 20 watt bulbs equal a regular 75 watt bulb and 13 equals 60. So no matter the wattage you will find the conversion written on the box. You will also find a lot more information on the package, like the information about the limited warranty that guarantees that each bulb will last 5 years. That’s right, 5 full years of light promised from these bulbs, or 8000 hours per bulb, either way it’s great!

Now that these bulbs are being mass produced and are so easy to install and use the prices have dropped from those energy efficient bulbs of the past. A package of 6 of the new GE bulbs are only going to cost you about 10$ at your local Wal-Mart, and well worth the price. You will see an average savings of 44$ for the new 20 watt bulbs in comparison with regular 75 watt bulbs, and if you use all 6 then your going to be saving 264$ a year for 5 years, which translates into 1320$ over that time period plus the cost of replacement bulbs you would have to buy if you used regular bulbs that only last an average of 750 hours or so.

GE Energy Smart bulbs are just a better alternative to old fashioned incandescent bulbs. They save you money, and help clean the environment, as well as the fact that they last an extremely long time. All this adds up to a practical and affordable alternative to regular light bulbs.

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