Gardening the Easy Way

The main reason I feel that people plant is for the pleasure that comes from seeing the fruits of their labor as they mature and either produce beautiful flowers or the wonderful, tasty harvest that follows. I have been in the gardening advice business for over twenty seven years and love to see the pleasure that my customers get from gardening after they realize how easy gardening can be.

We will begin this adventure by saying that there are very few rules of gardening that apply to everyone for all situations. The following guidelines are I think some of the most important to your success in your garden, so I will begin the next paragraph with these basics. I also would like to say that if you ask ten people who garden the same question more than likely you will get ten different answers so if you have a friend or neighbor that has a green thumb and their garden is the envy of all to please listen to them for they will be an excellent source of garden wisdom.

Lets began our journey by going over the few rules that will apply to ninety percent of all gardens.

1. Place plants with simular water and light requirements together in other words plant full sun plants with other full sun plants likewise you should put plants that require little water together. The decision to ignore this rule will only result in money, time and work to be wasted.

2. Pick only those plants that will survive in your climate, if you live in Florida you will not be able to grow azaleas or if you live in Michigan you cannot grow gardenias so make sure that you know what zone you live in and what zones the plants you select will survive in.

3. All plants require nutrients. While the way that plants absorb nutrients and the amount that they may need will differ all plants require food, just like us in order to grow and succeed we all need food.

4. Soil, soil, soil. This is probably the most important but most overlooked rule. You cannot skimp in this area but as you will see, with my method of gardening this should not be a problem.
See I told you that there were only a few rules. Now on to the “How To Garden The Easy Way”

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