Get Rid of Gnats and Mice

Mice and gnats are two problems that can plague any homeowner. They don’t particularly care who you are or how messy you are. However, they are not incredibly hard to get rid of. These are some tips to help get rid of them for you.

For gnats, you have to remove the food source. If there are any dishes piled up in the sink, get them out as soon as possible. When the food starts to decompose in the sink, it attracts the gnats. The same is true for the trash. Never let these full trash bags sit around until you get time to take them out. Make time to take them out, or you will be swimming in gnats. After you have washed the dishes and taken out the trash, it is time to clean the toilet. They are also attracted to dirty toilets and bathtubs. Make sure you clean the toilets and bathtubs well. Next, clean out the sinks. Make sure you clean them out as much as you can, as they are attracted to the miniscule chunks of food on the sides. Finally, gnats like to lay eggs in sink drains. There is lots of food down there, and it is generally safe for them. Seeing as gnats can lay many eggs, you’ll want to make it a much more hostile environment. Pour a half cup of ammonia down the drain and follow it with around 5 minutes of water to flush it out. You can also do this with the toilet bowl and then flush. Do this to clear all the drains. Now, do some standard cleaning such as cleaning the refrigerator and mopping.

Now that the food source is gone, eliminate the gnats that are still alive. This homemade recipe will kill all the gnats. Put just a little vinegar into a bowl. Next, mix a bit of Dawn dish soap into the mix until it turns a light blue. The gnats will be drawn to the bitter smell of vinegar, and when they drink it, they will die. Put a few mixtures of this in the house, and you are guaranteed to lose every gnat you have.

Getting rid of mice is a whole lot easier than getting rid of gnats. First, the food source still has to be eliminated. Take out the trash again, and get rid of any food lying around on the floor. Check any cabinets for food with bites taken out of it, and get rid of that food. Next, set out traps. As some people recommend humane traps such as sticky traps, I will still always be a fan of snap traps. Put a little cheese or other bait in them, and set it. The best places for these are closets and corners, so no one gets hurt. I would not, however, recommend using poison. This can be very dangerous, as it could be consumed by an infant, or still be in the mouse’s digestive system when eaten by scavengers. Now that all the traps are set, these will get rid of any mice still in the house. This still does not take care of the problem of them getting in. To keep them from getting in, you have to locate the source. Check all the piping and weather seals in the house. Generally, this is where mice will come in. Keep in mind that the hole only has to be as big as a mouse’s head, as mice can squeeze their body through. Once you locate some of these holes, generally near sink drains and water heater piping, you have to plug them. Get some simple steel wool from a store, and stick this steel wool into the holes. Mice will not be able to chew through this.

Now that you know how to gnat and mouse-proof your house and get rid of the survivors, you can give it a shot in your house!

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