Get Rid of Warts Naturally

Warts are painful and embarrassing lesions on the skin that appear because of an infection or virus in the body. Warts can and will appear anywhere on the body. Not only are they ugly but they also itch, burn, and have unsightly discharge. You should treat warts early and not let them grow or spread. Most doctors believe the best way to get rid of warts is to freeze them off, however, there are a number of natural ways to get rid of warts.

Homeopathy is one way to get rid of warts naturally. There are two homeopathy remedies to try, one is Thuja occidentalis and the other is Antimonium crudum . This treatment is good for warts that are soft and oozes or bleeds easily. Take each one in 30X potency alternating between the both of them. For the first three days, alternate the doses of each remedy, taking one in the morning and the other later in the evening, then wait two weeks and do the treatment again. Take the treatment the same number of days until the warts are gone.

Another homeopathy treatment to help get rid of warts is Calcarea carbonica for small warts that itch or sting. For hard warts that burn or throb, use Sulfur. In either case, take three pellets of 6C potency two or three times a day until the wart is gone. To kill the warts virus taking Gentian violet, which is an antiseptic over the counter medication that fights viruses.

Garlic is very effective in fighting off viruses, including those that cause warts. Garlic oil can be directly applied to the wart to help get rid of it. You can either buy garlic oil or you can chop up the garlic bulb, mix it with olive oil, refrigerate it overnight, strain the garlic oil the next day, and dab it on the wart. After you dab the garlic oil on the wart put a bandage over it to keep the oil soaking into the wart. You can do this treatment everyday.

Taking a daily supplement with a combination of strong anti-virus nutrients, including 200 mcg of selenium, 10,000 ius of vitamin A, 500 mgs of vitamin C, 15 mgs of zinc, and 400 iu of vitamin E. All of these nutrients work to strengthen the immune system and fight viruses, which can get rid of warts. The ingredient in the olive leaf can help to get rid of infections, including those that cause warts. Be sure the olive leaf supplement has between 17 – 23 percent oleuropein in it.

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